Many people have dedicated time and put much effort in laying out the basics for people eager to learn how to be a great and mighty warrior. It would be excessive to try and replicate their work and possibly somewhat disrespectful to pretend it can be done better or differently.

It’s hard to get much wrong or convey misinformation when it comes down to the core mechanics and rotation of the spec. You can find links to external written guides and useful wow resources in the drop down menu for this page. If you are looking for a video guide – your best bet is to search for it on YouTube (make sure to specify the current patch number).

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  • A great place to start for learning the basics about your spec and role. They have nice guides on tankingprot warrior and many more.
  • It is the place to go to stay informed about all the recent changes that are being implemented into the game. They also have guides, tools and active forums. Worth to browse.
  • Combat logging and analyzing your logs is very important if you want to improve and be on top of your game. Warcraft logs has very nice features for comparing logs and analyzing the events of a fight.
  • Very useful for a quick reference about gear upgrades, best in slots and optimal gems and enchants. You can also go in depth into simulating your character with various parameters.
  • A huge database for World of Warcraft. If you need to look up something from ingame, you will most likely find it there. They also have various tools and guides.

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