Mythic Spellblade Aluriel Guide for Prot Warriors

The Aluriel encounter essentially has 3 phases, but from a tank’s perspective very little changes between them. On a progression attempt you will be going through all the phases twice and tank roles switch the second time around.

Tanking Aluriel

To do list

  • Swap on 2 stacks of debuff
  • Cleave the adds and the boss
  • Backpedal kite boss and Fel Soul add during arcane phase

As far as general tips go, you tank and spank the boss with SB and IP and use your cooldowns for her annihilates.

A very good area to tank her, as many other guides suggest, is at the entrance to the main spire on the way to Krosus. Tank the boss down the stairs.

Tanking area ⇓


Forst phase

You have to round up the adds that spawn. Having the frost patches close to each other as well as ToT and MD helps. Get aggro on the them and stack them on the boss for maximum cleave. Have your back against the wall to avoid the pushback and frozen.

Fire Phase

The adds spawn from the patches and do not move. You will need to help out with killing them off and interrupting their casts. Aluriel needs to be in cleave range of adds.

Arcane Phase

The raid needs to be stacked to share the fel soul’s cleave and manage the arcane patches. You need to kite Aluriel close to the melee (stacked with fel soul) so that they can keep dpsing, but be careful to not take any cleave damage and not point the annihilate into the raid. When the adds spawn keep the boss stacked with them for maximum cleave.

Tanking Fel Soul

To do list

  • Swap on 2 stacks of debuff on Aluriel tank
  • Stay away from the rest of the raid
  • Backpedal kite boss and Fel Soul add during arcane phase

Damage on fel soul is irrelevant as it despawns after 45s and respawns with as much health as Aluriel currently has. You need to keep it within 45 yards of the boss otherwise both get a 500% damage increase. Besides that you tank and spank with SB and IP.

Forst Phase

Fel soul will cast a whirlwind. Pull it as far as you can into the door without giving it the damage buff. This will allow for maximum distance between it and the fixated target. Have your back against the wall for the initial knockback and ability, smack the boss a couple of time while your add is off and about and go back in position as fel soul returns to you.

whirlwind is cast 2 times.

Fire Phase

Fel soul will cast stomp which leaves burning patches on the ground. It leaps towards a random target and then leaps back to the tank leaving a patch on both locations. You start off tanking at the same spot as frost phase and move to the side which is opposite of the boss.

stomp is cast 3 times.

Arcane Phase

Fel soul will cast cleave. Your raid needs to be stacked on you to share the damage. In this phase your raid will have to deal with detonate by stacking and slow kiting the patches which will spawn under a random player. Fortunately you are already stacked so you will just have to backpedal with your raid as the arcane patches spawn in your path.

cleave is cast 5 times.

Feeling lost? Start with the basics.

This guide is intended for tanks, specifically protection warriors who are familiar with the encounter either through doing the Heroic version or going through a general overview and strategy guide like these:

Icy veins guide || Wowhead guide || FatbossTV

For a quick at a glance reference cheat sheet for each of the bosses check:

Recommended talents and gear builds for Nighthold bosses

There is a lot of knocking back and repositioning happening in this fight. Get creative and exploit your charge to the fullest.

Tanking Aluriel

A three tank strategy has been suggested for this boss, but with good gear and traits and especially as of 7.2 you should be two tanking it. This means that you will be solo soaking the annihilate because the tank with fel soul cannot stack with you to share the damage. Fortunately the timers are such that that for the first application of annihilate the add will not be spawned so both tanks can share the damage. You will only have to worry about the second application.

This damage is blockable so you have to do everything possible to have your SB up during the cast. Besides that, this is probably the only fight in the Nighthold where NF is so ridiculously overpowered. Very reminiscent of it’s usefulness on Cenarius’ spear in Emerald Nightmare.


Tanking Fel Soul

There isn’t much more for you to do besides always staying at max range from the boss and your raid. The only part of the fight which you can influence is the kiting during arcane phase. You shouldn’t just be kiting in a straight line, instead make a U turn. This way the adds that spawn in your path will be optimally clumped up for maximum AoE. You have a total of 8 spheres so ideally you make the turn after the 4th has landed, forming 2 lines with 4 adds in each.

Make sure the range wait for stacking until all the arcane orbs have spawned – replicate but before the first cleave – a clutch 5s window. If they stack too early you risk having orbs land on top of the stack either killing a lot of people or blocking your path.

Cooldown management

The given timepoints are of the moment when you start taking the damage. Make sure to precast your defensives 1s before the damage hits i.e. during the ability cast time.

The large majority of the incoming damage is blockable physical damage. You need your haste gear and Vengeance + heavy repercussions for 100% SB uptime.

SR you can use while frost and fire adds are alive.

The enrage timer on the boss is 7:30 minutes – at the end of the 2nd arcane phase and it is possible you might be hitting it on your first kills.

(skill) – Skills in brackets are optional and not 100% necessary, but will go wasted if otherwise unused.

**Your timers may vary**

TimerEventTank ATank B
0:00PullTaunt boss
0:11annihilateNFNF demo shout )
0:19Fel SoulTaunt soul
0:57annihilatedemo shout NF
1:07Frost addsTaunt addsTaunt boss
1:27annihilateshield wall SR SR NF
1:33Fel SoulTaunt soul
2:03annihilateshield wall
2:25Fire AddsTaunt boss
2:39annihilateNF SRdemo shout NF SR
2:47Fel SoulTaunt soul
3:22annihilateLS demo shout
3:30Arcane AddsTaunt boss
3:49annihilateNF ( + External ) NF
3:57Fel SoulTaunt soul
4:26annihilateLS demo shout
4:34Frost addsTaunt bossTaunt adds
5:07annihilate NF SRNF SR ( + External )
5:14Fel SoulTaunt soul
5:44annihilateshield wall ( demo shout )
5:55Fire AddsTaunt boss
6:19annihilateNF ( + External ) NF
6:27Fel SoulTaunt soul
7:01annihilateshield wall ( demo shout )
7:09Arcane AddsTaunt boss

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