Mythic Chronomatic Anomaly Guide for Prot Warriors

Tanking Anomaly

To do list

  • Swap boss on 7-9 stacks of debuff
  • Dodge damaging orbs propagating from center of the room – orbs
  • Move boss close to add for cleave


Chronomatic Anomaly is largely a tank and spank boss from a prot warrior point of view. The incoming damage will be a mix between magical and physical.

SB + IP – business as usual.

Passage of time mechanic

During Speed: Slow your GCD, cooldown/recharge time and buff/debuff duration will be increased . Most notably your SB will last 8.6 secs, with ~15 secs recharge (at ~25% haste).

During Speed: Fast your GCD, cooldown/recharge time and buff/debuff duration will be decreased . This means your SB will last 4.6 secs, with ~8 secs recharge (at ~25% haste).

Heavy Repercussions and AM are unaffected by this mechanic making them both really potent during the fast phase.

Movement and interrupt ability

To do list

  • After add dies click the orb to receive an extra action button – temporal smash
  • Rotate cooldowns –> refer to Timeline section

On Mythic two adds spawn at a time and the boss casts PO more frequently.

One tank goes with boss to one add and the other tank goes to the other add.

Your should allow 7-9 casts during the first PO channel phase before interrupting with the special ability. Arrange this beforehand with your raid leader and healers based on the healing CDs you have available. This is the point where you want to prioritize chaining your defensive cooldowns so you can help the healers out.

You can actually leave the charge orb on the ground to prevent taking any damage from it. When you need to interrupt PO you can pick it up and use it straight away.

Feeling lost? Start with the basics.

This guide is intended for tanks, specifically protection warriors who are familiar with the encounter either through doing the Heroic version or going through a general overview and strategy guide like these:

Icy veins guide || Wowhead guide || FatbossTV

For a quick at a glance reference cheat sheet for each of the bosses check:

Recommended talents and gear builds for Nighthold bosses

This being an easier boss to tank you have the option to either go with the flow and wing it or plan out assignments for the tanks.

Tanking Anomaly

Main tank

You can assign one of the tanks to have higher active tank time on the boss. The off-tank will take the boss only until the main tank’s debuff drops and will have lower up time.

If your raid comp is such where you are preferred for main tanking then you need to stick to your Heavy Repercussions and Vengeance.

Off Tank

Only short bursts of tanking. You have the opportunity to prioritize DPSing. This role is better suited for protection warriors on Anomaly and can contribute immensely for your first kill. You will want to pick AM and BV. For a comprehensive guide on this playstyle for progression raiding you can check out my Anger Management guide.

Tank swaps and timers can be found in the Timeline section as always.

Managing Adds

You should help out with interrupts on the big add. Save your shockwave for the 4 small ones that spawn afterwards.

Main tank

On the first add wave, you will move the boss to one of the adds (i.e. left one) and switch to DPSing the adds as main target while you cleave the boss.

  • Add dies
  • Pick up orb for interrupt special ability
  • Whole raid stacks up under the boss
  • After the set number of casts you interrupt him
  • Start back pedaling to where the boss was on the pull

This allows your away group to reach their add faster when it spawns again. For the next add waves, you will not be on the boss and will be going to the far away add. Use leap and Intercept to go back to the boss quickly.

A common kill tactic is to send one tank, melee and healer to the far away add on the 3rd set and just interrupt his casts while the rest of the raid finishes off the boss.

Off tank

On the first set of adds, you will move to the other add (i.e. right one) and prioritize using DPS cooldowns to help bringing it down since you will typically have less people here. Use leap and Intercept to go back to the boss quickly. 

Cooldown management

There aren’t any big spike damage type abilities is this fight (not unless three people with time bomb explode right next to you, but you can’t plan for that anyway ^^).  You will be using your cooldowns to mitigate the points of overlap of the various periodic damaging effects such as tank debuff and raid wide damage.

You will use LS as your “oh shit” button.

SR you can pretty much spam on CD. There isn’t any one huge burst moment that can be assigned it to. If you are comfortable with the fight and have good awareness, use SR to mitigate miscellaneous magic damage like time bomb or if you want to walk through temporal orb etc.

A slower than average kill on progression with people dying at the end might take about 5 minutes.

TimerEventMain tank – HROff tank – AM
0:00Pull – Speed: NormalTaunt bossdemo shout BC
0:12Speed: Fast
0:22Adds spawn #1Cleave add – demo shoutFar add
0:37POdemo shout BC NF on 4 adds
1:05Before 7th PO castshield wall and pick up orbshield wall
1:128th POtemporal smash
Chronomatic Anomaly
1:16Speed: Slowdemo shout BC
1:51POMax 3 casts before temporal smash
2:00Speed: Fastdemo shout
2:12High stacks MTTaunt boss
2:31Adds spawn #2Far addCleave add – shout BC NF
2:39POMax 3 casts before temporal smash

Off tank DPS > Main tank DPS ⇓

2:50Speed: NormalTaunt boss
3:15POMax 3 casts before temporal smashshout BC
3:30Speed: Slow
3:49Adds spawn #3AFK interrupt duty on far addTaunt boss and cleave add
3:59POMax 3 casts before temporal smash
4:10Speed: Fastshout BC
4:38Adds spawn #4shout BC
4:41POChain LS and shoutChain LS and shield wall

Main tank DPS > Off tank DPS ⇓

2:50Speed: Normal
3:15POMax 3 casts before temporal smashshout BC
3:30Speed: SlowTaunt boss 8 stacks
3:49Adds spawn #3cleave addAFK interrupt duty on far add
3:59POMax 3 casts before temporal smash
4:10Speed: Fastshout BC
4:38Adds spawn #4shout BC
4:41POChain demo shout SR LSChain LS and shield wall


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