Mythic Goroth Guide for Prot Warriors

The Goroth heroic/mythic guide will be expanded with more first hand experience in the coming weeks.

Tanking Goroth

To do list

  • Taunt swap on debuff
  • Drop debuff away from raid and pillars
  • Position boss on the side and do not move him over pillars
  • Hide behind pillar on pushback

Tank and spank with 100% Shield Block + Ignore Pain – business as usual.

Walk out casually with debuff and Intercept back to boss after you’ve exploded.

Before pushback cast is finished you need to be out of line of sight of the boss i.e. behind a pillar. Use leap. Be wary of the later parts of the fight, there will be an overlap of debuff and pushback where you will have only a short amount of time to reach the pillar.

If eruption is cast where you are tanking, move the boss to the next quadrant of the room. He will destroy any pillars he comes into contact with so don’t go near them.

Feeling lost? Start with the basics.

This guide is intended for tanks, specifically protection warriors who are familiar with the encounter either through doing the Heroic version or going through a general overview and strategy guide like these:

Icy veins guide || Wowhead guide || FatbossTV

For a quick at a glance reference cheat sheet for each of the bosses check:

Recommended talents and gear builds for Tomb of Sargeras bosses

At first glance this boss cannot be solo tanked. You need to worry about a couple of overlaps which will be listed soon.

Tanking Goroth


leap and Intercept are your friend here. You will need huge mobility. A good encounter to practice your intercept macro skills.

Talents and Legendaries

The large majority of the incoming damage is blockable melee hits. You need your haste gear and Vengeance + heavy repercussions for 100% SB uptime.

Nothing special you could do with legendaries, just go for max DPS:

Kakushan’s Stormscale Gauntlets Archimonde’s Hatred Reborn

If you are undergeared/struggling, equip a more defensive legendary:

Mannoroth’s Bloodletting ManaclesThundergod’s Vigor, The Walls Fell

Cooldown management

SR and other cooldowns will be used for the spike magical damage.

You can expect an encounter length to be anywhere from 0:00 – 10:00 minutes on your first kill with people dying near the end.

The given timepoints are of the moment when you start taking the damage. Make sure to precast your defensives 1s before the damage hits i.e. during the ability cast time.

**Your timers may vary**

0:00PullTaunt boss


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