Mythic Guarm Guide for Prot Warriors

  • There is very little going on for tanks on mythic Guarm and because there are extra mechanics that the rest have to deal with we should be helping out in any way we can. For Guarm this means primarily positioning him properly so melee and ranged don’t have to worry about getting clipped with random abilities.

    Positioning Guarm

    Default position

    Reference image 1 ⇓


    Charge the boss and turn him to face left. This puts distance between you and any designated debuff despell spot so that you don’t accidentally get the wrong colored debuff . Most importantly nobody has to worry about being in range of fangs – the wet noodles are at his back and the meatballs are on the side.

    Breath position

    Reference image 2 ⇓


    As soon as you get hit with fangs, move the boss 90 degrees to your right so he is facing the entrance. After his breath is done, move 90 degrees to your left to the “default” position.

    Leap position

    Reference image 3 ⇓


    Guarm will leap at the largest clump of players. This should be the melee in which case it should not mess up your positioning. It might happen that he leaps on ranged (often the case after his charge) in which case you keep him with his back towards the entrance.

    • If this was after the 1st leap (before charge) – stay like this until he charges.
    • If this was after the 2nd leap (after charge) – stay like this until he does fangs. Move him 180 degrees into default position quickly, because breath comes soon after.



    You and your co-tank can soak one color i.e. shadow by yourselves. This leaves the other cones with 9 people in each which smooths out the damage nicely.

  • Charge

    As Guarm is running past you, you can poke him from the side with a SS or TC. Careful to not get hit of course, he has a huge hitbox so there is no need to get in too close.



    He pushes you back and leaps away. If this isn’t enough distance for an intercept, just run back a little after the pushback and charge him for that extra rage. Be careful with your positioning though, you don’t want to mess that up.

  • Cooldown management

    A progression kill with people dying at the end will take the boss close to his enrage timer which is 4 minutes.

    fangs hurts and you need to rotate your cooldowns together with externals from healers.

    The time points listed are when you take the damage, not when the cast starts. Defensive CDs should be used 1-2s in advance.

    0:00 Pull

    0:05 fangs – stack IP

    0:18 breath – use SR

    0:27 fangs – use LS

    0:48 breath – stack IP

    0:56 charge

    1:20 fangs – use demo shout

    1:31 breath – use SR

    1:41 fangs – use shield wall

    1:53 breath – stack IP

    2:12 charge

    2:36 fangs – use potion OR external CD like bark

    2:47 breath – use SR

    2:56 fangs – use demo shout

    3:08 breath – stack IP

    3:29 charge

    3:52 fangs – use LS

    4:00 breath – Stay in default position, move out of breath, last chance to nuke before his berserk


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