Mythic Helya Guide for Protection Warriors

  • For all it’s complexity and hectic nature, there isn’t much to do here as a tank. The majority of the difficulty for us comes from on the spot life or death decision making and during the preparation and distribution of tasks period. How and what you will need to deal with depends heavily on your raid comp and co-tank.

    Phase 1

    To do list

    • Position breath in the middle of room.
    • Stack with raid and kite the orb up the platform
    • Taunt the boss immediately when co-tank gets debuff from breath


    You will get a maximum of 4 breath in this phase. The first one happens shortly after the pull. For the next breaths however, the off tank will still be kiting an orb as debuff is applied to you. The overlap between seconds left to kite and tanking with debuff increases with each breath. If the kiting tank is positioned properly and has planed a good route, he can pick up the boss while the orb is still following him. Alternatively, if your group can manage to push the transition before the 4th breath, everyone will have an easier time.

    As prot warriors we can manage both tasks very well, i.e. Tanking with debuff or taunting with 3-4s left on orb.


    You will get orb twice during each off-tanking segment. They will chase you for 8s. The common way to manage the orbs is to have a × marker for people to stack on. When the orbs go out, somebody uses a speed increase and the kiting players run to the back and up the stairs. 2 seconds before the orb despawns you can jump down and to get back in position. As already mentioned, you will need to either pick up the boss while the orb is still on you or your co-tank will need to use a CD while you deal with the orb.


    Healers should be managing those. Ideally, you will be dispelled within a couple of seconds of receiving taint. Of course, things go wrong and there might be a delay. Make sure to not get dispelled on the breath ♦ marker (usually the middle). If there is a delay and you end up dropping a puddle where you were supposed to position the breath it will mess up everything. Move slightly to the side while you still have the taint, drop the puddle and safely go back to the breath ♦ marker.

    Phase 2

    To do list

    • Tank an add on the platform
    • Position add in cleave range of tentacles
    • Dps other adds

    What to tank?

    This entirely depends on what your co-tank can do. If you are paired up with a guardian druid for example, they can take anchor all day no problem. It might be better for them to tank all Grimelords. Alternatively you can just be assigned to a platform and take whatever comes  – one or two Grimelords. If your co-tank can’t survive the anchors at all, you can alternate platforms and tank all Grimelords maybe utilizing healer externals as well.


    Keep him close to the tentacle for cleaves. Nothing special here, keep your SB up and dps.


    Make sure to stack up your IP for his anchor and move out of his circle which will come straight after the first slam.  He will likely die after only one anchor. Have a 20% damage reduction ready for a second anchor. Refer to the “timeline” segment for your cooldown rotation.

    Phase 3

    To do list

    • Position breath2 on designated marker
    • Soak puddle
    • Taunt add and position in cleave range of the boss

    Again in the last phase the prot warrior’s versatility shines. We aren’t exceptional at performing any one task, but there isn’t anything we can’t manage.


    Normally both tanks would alternate tanking the boss, switching at each breath2 like in P1. The difference is that the debuff – no healing only lasts 10s and orbs do not spawn on us, but there is an extra add that needs to be tanked.


    The timers are such that the Mariner will often be alive while breath2 is going out. When the add and breath overlap, the tank without a debuff will have to tank both the boss and the add until the other can taunt back or the add dies. It is best to pick up the add with damage or MD and save your taunt for Helya. Refer to the “timeline” segment  for more details.


    If you did not get no healing, you can also easily soak puddle. Healers are already prioritizing you so the absorb effect will be gone fast. This means tanking the boss for a short period where you wont receive any healing. Fortunately, you will have pooled enough rage during your off-tanking that your IP can carry you while you aren’t receiving healing.

    Enjoy the loot

    Get dispelled, use your CDs. By the time the 4th Mariner spawns, you should focus down and kill the boss. GG

  • Phase 1


    debuff – Since the bulk of our mitigation is coming from blocks and absorbs, we can afford to take a few hits while with 0 armor. This means taking the 4th breath or if you push it before that, taking the 3rd and staying on the boss until Speedy Gonzales is done kiting.

    For comparison – guardian druids’ active mitigation ability – ironfur – is rendered useless, but brewmaster monks can brush it off easily since they don’t rely on their armor that much anyway.


    Example ⇓

    For kiting we have our trusty leap and charge primed and ready. We can start off by kiting the orb for a couple of seconds, then leap up to the cliff and while it is making it’s way up, you can jump down and pick up the boss with 2-3 sec left on the orb.

    Alternatively, if you are getting speed increases, you can run back with the rest, go up the stairs and then leap down next to the boss. This means co-tank takes the 4th breath while you kite – you take 1st and 3rd. If you push it before 4th, you take 2nd breath.

    For comparison – Death knights would need to rely on external speed increases to circle around and get back in position barely on time. Brewmaster monks can roll around all day.

    Phase 2

    Help out with dps

    Example ⇓

    When there is nothing to tank, dps the mistwatcher and tentacles.

    You should get a maximum of 3 waves of adds. The last pair of tentacles shouldn’t die while the bigger adds are alive.

    Right side platform – 1st wave Mariner, 2nd wave Grimelord, 3rd wave Mariner

    Left side platform – 1st wave Grimelord, 2nd wave Mariner, 3rd wave Grimelord

    Phase 3


    We have the option of being on breath duty. Your co-tank will stay on Helya full time. Meanwhile you stack up your IP and fill up your rage bar. Your taunt switch will be tied with the add spawn, but your overall active tanking will be lower. Take the breath2 with a SR, leaving you with a nearly full hp bar during the 10s of no healing no healing. On top of that you have LS as a saving grace since it doesn’t count as healing and will bump up your HP.

    Choosing which tank does this depends on who can take less damage while active tanking Helya.


    If your co-tank is really bad at tanking the boss and the mariner at the same time, you should be able to handle it with a cooldown. He should take the breaths when the overlap happens. If you co-tank is good at managing the double assault, then he should take the add. You taunt Helya for the breath debuff and co-tank taunts back asap.

  • Cooldown management

    With so many variables and different tactics, your experience might be different from what this timeline is based on. Regardless, if you are prepared for this, then you should have an easier time on a better attempt.

    If you haven’t used your CDs by the “Last chance” time point, you might as well do so and benefit from that extra DR instead of wasting it.

    The time points listed are when you take the damage, not when the cast starts. Defensive CD should be used in advance to reduce damage from melee hits and with the last 2 seconds reduce the heavy damage from abilities.


    Fight duration 10:25

    0:00 Pull

    0:14 1st breath –> co-tank

    taunt Helya

    0:17 orb

    0:2X demo shout to smooth out damage

    0:41 orb

    0:58 2nd breath – use SR, external CD like bark

    1:05 orb

    1:30 orb

    1:42 3rd breath –> co-tank

    taunt Helya

    1:4X External CD like bark to smooth out damage

    1:54 orb

    2:0X demo shout to smooth out damage

    2:18 orb

    2:26 4th breath – use SRshield wall

    2:43 orb

    There isn’t a 4th breath ⇓

    Nice dps! Use shield wall on the 2nd instead of the external. If you pull the boss, use shield wall on the 3rd breath.


    2:50 Transition into Phase 2

    Save demo shout to mitigate a 2nd anchor from the same Grimelord. Alternatively – external CD like bark

    There isn’t a 2nd slam ⇓

    If you consistently kill Grimelords on time, feel free to use demo shout offensively.


    3:24 1st Grimelord anchor – stacked IP

    3:45 Last chance to use LS. You need it to be up at the 6:45 mark

    4:32 2nd Grimelord anchor – stacked IP

    5:40 3rd Grimelord anchor – stacked IP

    6:30 Transition into Phase 3

    Save LS as a rescue button when affected by no healing.

    Taking every breath ⇓

    6:4X taunt Helya

    6:49 breath2 – use SR, external CD like bark –> co-tank taunts

    7:14 fury of the maw

    7:16 Mariner spawn –> co-tank

    7:2X taunt Helya

    7:32 breath2 – use SRdemo shout –> co-tank taunts

    8:10 fury of the maw

    8:11 taunt Helya

    8:12 Mariner spawn –> co-tank

    8:15 breath2 – use SRshield wall –> co-tank taunts

    8:50 taunt Helya

    8:58 breath2 – use SRdemo shout –> co-tank taunts

    9:06 fury of the maw

    9:08 Mariner spawn

    9:09 taunt Mariner

    9:35 taunt Helya

    9:41 breath2 – use SR, external CD like bark –> co-tank taunts

    10:01 fury of the maw

    10:03 Mariner spawn

    10:04 taunt Mariner

    Divert all attention towards boss!

    10:24 breath2 – Boss should die

    Alternating breaths ⇓

    6:49 breath2 –> co-tank

    6:50 taunt Helya

    7:XX External CD like bark to smooth out damage

    7:14 fury of the maw

    7:16 Mariner spawn –> co-tank

    7:32 breath2 – use SR, demo shout –> co-tank taunts

    8:10 fury of the maw

    8:12 Mariner spawns

    8:13 Pickup Mariner

    8:15 breath2 –> co-tank

    8:16 taunt Helya, use shield wall

    8:3X External CD like bark to smooth out damage

    8:58 breath2 – use SR, demo shout –> co-tank taunts

    9:06 fury of the maw

    9:08 Mariner spawn

    9:09 taunt Mariner

    9:41 breath2 –> co-tank

    9:42 taunt Helya

    10:01 fury of the maw

    10:03 Mariner spawn –> co-tank

    Divert all attention towards boss!

    10:24 breath2 – Boss should die

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