Mythic Krosus Guide for Prot Warriors

Tanking Krosus

To do list

  • Swap ASAP or on 5 stacks of debuff at the latest
  • Stand in circle to soak Slam
  • Avoid one shot beam and bridge break

This is a pure magic damage encounter. The boss will do about 3-5 blockable auto attacks on you while you active tank. Slams are physical damage, but cannot be blocked. Your biggest concern here is debuff and your main role in this fight is managing your cooldowns and taunts correctly so that you, your co-tank and the healers can have as easy a time as possible. More on this in the “timeline” section.

Since SB is largely useless on this fight and you need extra magic damage mitigation you will be switching out your Heavy Repercussions for AM.

Taunting Krosus

The boss has an extra hidden mechanic that tanks have to deal with. Taunts will sometimes have no effect on Krosus. From my experience this is more of a bug than anything else and is not very consistent, but does happen often enough that you would want to avoid it.

Often when you taunt the boss while he is in the middle of casting an ability, your taunt will not put you on top of his aggro table and after the ability is cast he will continue attacking his last target (your co-tank) and continue ramping up his debuff stacks. To prevent this you need to be very precise with your taunts dropping them either right before Krosus starts casting an ability or right after he has finished.

Co-tank missed a taunt – what do?

This is bad and if you survive, it will probably still cause you to die later on in the encounter. You have two options:

Go out of range

This will cause Krosus to switch to the 2nd highest threat target on his aggro table i.e. your co-tank. You will need to stay out of range until your co-tank’s taunt is off of CD (7 secs) . You can move back into melee range of the boss only when you are no longer the top threat target. This strategy forces the tank switch and prevents your stacks from going out of proportion, but has the pitfall of hampering your rage generation (you can’t hit the boss) which will increase your damage taken and cause extra stress for the healers.

Pop a big CD

You continue tanking for 7 extra seconds until your co-tank can taunt again. This will probably cause you to get 2-3 extra stacks bringing you to 7-8 debuff. To survive you will need to pop a bid defensive CD (which are already strongly coveted and rationed throughout the encounter) and require extra focus from your healers. Due to the increased amount of damage taken your rage generation will go up, but overall you will have sabotaged your survivability down the line due to the emergency use of a CD.

Nothing good can come from missing a taunt, but it’s better to try and salvage the pull for as long as you can for the sake of progression than just wiping immediately.

Feeling lost? Start with the basics.

This guide is intended for tanks, specifically protection warriors who are familiar with the encounter either through doing the Heroic version or going through a general overview and strategy guide like these:

Icy veins guide || Wowhead guide || FatbossTV

For a quick at a glance reference cheat sheet for each of the bosses check:

Recommended talents and gear builds for Nighthold bosses

Mythic Krosus is a very taxing encounter that needs peak performance from all 20 raiders. As a tank you not only have to be concerned about staying alive, but should also contribute to doing mechanics and maxing out your DPS.

Min-max damage

While Vengeance can offer you the maximum survivability boost over the course of the encounter you might want to consider using BV for Krosus. It offers you a DPS boost that will contribute to beating the enrage timer as well as a more predictable and controllable free IP (60 rage).

The low amount of attacks you can actually parry throughout the encounter devalues Vengeance even further.

Min-max survivability

First off, you should try and help out with mechanics where possible. If your stacks are low or about to drop off you should soak a  pitch puddle to prevent add spawns.

Secondly, you need to be hitting the boss constantly to keep your devastator rolling and using your abilities for steady rage flow. The most dangerous moments for you are the bridge breaks. Every third Slam you need to move out of range of the boss and until you can start hitting him again your health will be spiking a lot.

Exploit intercept

This is generally something your should be in the habit of doing if you are serious about raiding mythic content, but here it is especially important to utilize every tool you have in your arsenal. You need to capitalize on the extra rage from Intercept and keep it’s recharge cooldown always rolling. You can’t afford to miss an auto attack so this eliminates going out of range to charge back on the boss and switching to a friendly target so what do you do? There are several ways for incorporating Intercept in your “rotation”. I will explain why I think it’s best to use a mouseover macro.

Why a focus macro is not good ⇓

You should always be keeping an eye on your co-tank’s health and debuff status. The easiest and most widely used method is to put him on your focus frame. This eliminates the possibility of an intercept @ focus macro, because most of the time intercepting your co-tank is a bad idea. Taking damage while not tanking will catch your healers off guard or you might get an extra application of the debuff increasing your stacks and extending the duration which will be disastrous on any boss.

Say you use another frame to track your co-tank’s debuff and your focus frame is free. You could put a melee dps on focus and use an intercept @ focus macro, but you will be in trouble if your focus dies or is out of range. Not a reliable solution.


Why a mouseover macro is good ⇓

With a mouseover macro you still have the boss as your target and can continue doing your thing. To intercept you simply have to use your eyes to see who is close to you, hover your mouse over their character model and press Intercept keybind. This will work on summons and pets as well and is applicable on any boss in any situation. Someone who is not your co-tank is bound to be within 5 yards of you. They are the perfect candidate for intercepting as you can quickly go back to your original position.

Intercept mouseover macro ⇓

  • Type “/macro” in chat
  • Click on “New”
  • Type “Intercept” (or whatever you’d like to call your macro) and click “Okay”
  • Leave the question mark icon selected – it will change to the intercept icon automatically
  • Type the following in the text area:
    /cast [@mouseover, help, nodead][@target]Intercept
  •  Click “Save”
  • Put the macro icon on your action bar
  • Good to go! Now you are forever in my debt!

Cooldown management

You will be using your defensive cooldowns to primarily mitigate the the last seconds of debuff when it is comboed with other damage sources.

Since SB is irrelevant you will want your Versa gear for further overall mitigation.

With the massive damage you are taking your rage generation will be higher than normal really allowing AM to shine.

  • demo shout – 30-40s recharge time, aim for 11 casts.
  • BC – 20s average recharge time, aim for 17 casts.
  • shield wall – it should be possible to bring the CD down to 1:30 to squeeze out 4 casts.
  • SR – as often as possible as well, but it will be somewhat regimented since we want to align it with orbs. Needles to say new trait is max value here.
  • Taunt – Cues for when to taunt are given just as an example. Your taunt points will probably look slightly different.

You should be utilizing your healer’s externals as well. Due to variety in raid comp and tank necessity it is impractical to include them in a guide. Make sure to arrange which tank gets what and when according to when you are taking most damage.

Demo shout on Krosus

In light of the massive damage from the various sources demo shout‘s 20% reduction isn’t anything to rely on. Just take it for granted and instead capitalize on it’s damage increase and instant 60 rage as often as possible using it on cooldown. Allow a maximum delay on 5-10 seconds if demo shout is ready, but you have 0 stacks or you are not in range of the boss.

The given timepoints are of the moment when you take the damage. Make sure to precast your defensives 1-2s before the damage hits i.e. during the ability cast time.

Chances are you will be struggling to beat the 6 minutes enrage timer on your first progression kill.

TimerEventProt Warrior
0:33Slamshield wall Taunt after
0:50debuff x 4SR
1:10beamTaunt after
1:33Slam – Bridge break
1:46orbsSR Taunt after
2:03Slamshield wall
2:26orbsTaunt after
3:03Slam – Bridge breakTaunt after
3:33Slamshield wall Taunt after
3:51debuff x 4SR
4:10beam end cast
4:12beam start cast
4:33Slam – Bridge break
4:47beam end cast
4:49beam start cast
5:03Slamshield wall
5:22beamTaunt after
6:03Slam – Bridge break

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