Mythic Mistress Sassz’ine Guide for Prot Warriors

The Mistress Sassz’ine heroic/mythic guide will be expanded with more first hand experience in the coming weeks.

Tanking Mistress Sassz’ine

To do list

  • Taunt swap on debuff
  • Avoid physical damage while under debuff

The main tanking ability here is debuff. This is the taunt swap debuff and causes you to mimic any physical damage you take onto the entire raid. It lasts one minute and it is very important you know the damage type of each of the bosses abilities. You will need to help out with abilities that deal magical damage whilst avoiding any physical damage ability at all costs!

“Don’t stand in fire” mechanics that will just do magic damage and must be avoided at all times will not be listed here.

Magical damage sources:

  • Eel adds do shadow damage with their attacks – you will need to tank them while your co-tank is tanking the boss. They spawn during P1 and P3

Physical damage sources:

  • Tornadoes – should be avoided at all times anyway. They come during P1 and P3

  • Dart – that ability with the arrow, you should not be helping with the soaks. Again P1 and P3

 Phase 1

To do list

  • Move boss out of and avoid various ground hazards
  • Pick up eel adds

Tank and spank with 100% Shield Block + Ignore Pain – business as usual.

Have your shockwave available to stun the murloc adds which will spawn from shocks.

A line of Tornadoes will propagate through the room. Pool pools left behind by dead eels will destroy tornadoes. Position yourself so that the pool is between you and the tornado and go through the gap as the wall passes you by.


Phase 2

To do list

  • Move boss out of bubbling line going through the middle of the room
  • Avoid running over ink patches on the ground

Vellius will call a giant fish that will one shot anyone who stood in it’s path. This is like the beam eye on Star Augur mythic. Once the ground animation (bubbling path) for this ability appears, you have about 5-6s to move out of it before the fish dashes through.

Also, run against the pullback when the whale spawns – becon. DDs should take care of it by feeding it ink patches.


 Phase 3

To do list

  • Move boss out of various ground hazards including Vellius
  • Pick up eel adds
  • Avoid running over ink patches on the ground

This phase is a combination of phase 1 without shocks and phase 2 without becon. A race against constantly spreading dots on your raid and a room filling up with ink pools. Not much for tanks to do here.


Feeling lost? Start with the basics.

This guide is intended for tanks, specifically protection warriors who are familiar with the encounter either through doing the Heroic version or going through a general overview and strategy guide like these:

Icy veins guide || Wowhead guide || FatbossTV

For a quick at a glance reference cheat sheet for each of the bosses check:

Recommended talents and gear builds for Tomb of Sargeras bosses


Don’t do drugs.

Talents and Legendaries

The incoming damage is split between blockable melee hits and moderate magical DoTs. You can go with your haste gear and Vengeance + heavy repercussions for 100% SB uptime. Alternatively, if you have the legendary belt, AM + BV can be very strong here for your damage output.

shockwave will be good to stun the adds. Maybe CT to round them up easier.

For defensive legendaries Mannoroth’s Bloodletting + Thundergod’s Vigor are very good here.

Thundergod’s Vigor is a great DPS boost as well if you take BV.

You will have many opportunities to proc Sephuz as well if you want to use it as your second DPS legendary.

Cooldown management

No apparent spike damage sources here.

You can expect an encounter length to be anywhere from 0:00 – 10:00 minutes on your first kill with people dying near the end.

The given timepoints are of the moment when you start taking the damage. Make sure to precast your defensives 1s before the damage hits i.e. during the ability cast time.

**Your timers may vary**

0:00PullTaunt boss
2:00Phase 2
Mistress Sassz'ine
4:00Phase 3
Mistress Sassz'ine

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