Mythic Odyn Guide for Prot Warriors

  • Phase 1

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    Tanking Hyrja

    Pull Hyrja to the yellow(closest) rune and keep a /range 5 so you don’t clip a melee with horn of valor. Soak the beam, keep her facing the middle of the room near a rune to cleave runebearers.

    Tanking Hymdall

    Pull Hymdall in between the orange and purple rune. Tank, spank and occasionally walk out of circle and charge back at Hymdall for extra rage. Keep an eye on horn and blade timers. He doesn’t hit you while casting those, so don’t waste your SB charges and uptime.

    Rune RNG

    You will have to move to get runeshield and in doing so, Hymdall and Hyrja might come close to each other. Communicate with your co-tank and try to minimize the time where the minibosses are close and shielded by bondLeap to rune and charge back to boss.

    As a rule, keep Hyrja moving as little as possible, so melee can have max uptime. If minibosses come apart too much, Hymdall should be moved so both are in cleave range of casters.


     Phase 2

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    Tanking Odyn

    Keep Odyn between green and purple rune and never stand on a rune as you will proc spears underneath you. If your raid stacks in spirit link or barrier for Odyn’s blast, try to bring him in range so melee can continue dpsing. Tank minibosses where they spawn.

    Tank swap

    Odyn ramps up stacks. Practically there is no good reason to allow the boss to get more than 5-7 stacks.

    A typical tank swap scenario would look like this:

    1. Tank 1 takes Odyn, stacks don’t apply yet.
    2. Hyrja spawns and tank 2 picks her up.
    3. Hyrja buggers off, tank 2 takes Odyn.
    4. Runebearers spawn.
    5. 6-7 stacks -> tank 1 takes Odyn,
    6. 6-7 stacks -> tank 2 takes Odyn
    7. 6-7 stacks -> Odyn starts casting light, at the end of which his stacks reset regardless. Tank 1 takes Odyn.
    8. Hymdall spawns and tank 2 picks him up.
    9. Repeat steps 3-8 for a total 5 minibosses – 3x Hyrja, 2x Hymdall.

    Be sure to pick up your rune buff between the tank swaps (steps 4-7) and keep boss movement to a minimum.

    Phase 3

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    As Odyn comes close to 55% move him on the green rune. When the platforms light up with flame, move to the safe area. Again, minimal movement, but allow some space for the melee to stand behind the boss. Odyn will essentially be circling the green rune as you move from platform to platform.

    Tank swap

    When targeted with spear use leap to get away from boss quickly, run 3s with speed boost, stand still and soak the damage with a cooldown. On the way back charge a player/boss and taunt the boss when co tank gets targeted with spear. leap wont be ready for your next spear so charge away from boss to gain distance.

    There will be a total of 3 spears per platform and the safe area moves before the 3rd spear has hit. On the 2nd spear of each platform you will also be target with rune.

    Dealing with the combo

    When you’ve had to run out with the spear and the closest rune stack group does not share your color, do not try to make a run past them. You will most likely clip someone with a different colored rune and cause deaths. The best is to stay where you are and take the damage alone. Your cooldowns from taking the spear should still be up, so you should be able to easily survive the damage.

    Enjoy the loot

    After 4 platforms and 12 spears, Odyn should be defeated. GG


  • Phase 1

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    Hyrja tank movement

    • If you get orange rune take it and move back to yellow.
    • If you get purple rune, take it and move back to green.
    • If you get green rune, take it and stay there.
    • If you get blue or yellow rune, Hyrja will not move much so position as you see fit.

    Hymdall tank movement

    Go for runes during his casts so he doesn’t move. This is possible most of the time. leap for runeshield and charge back before his cast is over.

    If you have to swap positions, move minibosses in a parabola to minimize down time. Try to move Hymdall when he isn’t casting if this is the case.

    Overall this phase isn’t very problematic, but every bit of optimization is well worth it.

    Phase 2

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    Stacks management

    Realistically, you could tank Odyn with up to 12-13 stacks reliably, but that puts unnecessary stress on your healers which are already struggling to keep people up.

    However, if things go south and you get up to 7 stacks and your co-tank is not on his way to taunt, pop a demo shout. At 13 you might wanna pop shield wall.

    Phase 3

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    Spear management

    There will be 5-6 spears per tank. Refer to the timeline section for your cooldown rotation.

    If you have paladins available or some unused combat resses they will help you a lot. You can use bop on the 2nd spear of the platform – that is when you have rune marks. You can just stack with your group and not run away.

    Otherwise, if you are not at 90%+ health when the spear is coming, it is better to ask for an external damage reduction CD than risk dying.


  • Cooldown management

    A slower than average kill on progression with people dying at the end will take about 10 minutes.

    On this fight you should be keeping your defensive for instances where they can be life saving. Excluding SR… That you can use pretty much on cooldown to help your healers out. Believe me, there will be many “oh shit” moments during progression.

    If you haven’t used your CDs by the “Last chance” time point, you might as well do so and benefit from that extra DR instead of wasting it.

    The time points listed are when you take the damage, not when the cast starts. Defensive CD should be used 1-2s in advance.

    0:00 Pull

    0:24 Use SR on beam

    0:44 beam

    1:09 Use SR on Blast

    1:17 beam

    1:30 Last chance to use demo shout. You need it to be up after the 3:00 mark

    1:39 Use SR on beam

    1:59 beam

    2:14 Use SR on Blast

    2:38 Odyn is active

    2:51 Hyrja is active

    3:07 Use SR on beam

    3:47 Use SR on Blast

    3:57 Hymdall is active

    4:20 Last chance to use shield wall. You need it to be up at the 8:20 mark

    4:54 Use SR on Blast

    5:04 Hyrja is active

    5:19 beam

    5:30 Use SR on Blast

    5:45 Last chance to use LS. You need it to be up at the 8:45 mark

    6:09 Hymdall is active

    6:30 Last chance to use demo shout. You need it to be up at the 8:00 mark

    7:06 Use SR on Blast

    7:16 Hyrja is active

    7:30 Use SR on beam

    7:45 Transition

    If you get a BoP, shift your CDs down by one spear.

    Starting on 1st spear ⇓

    8:01 1st spears – demo shoutleap away, SR and double IP

    8:12 2nd spears and smite co-tank

    8:23 3rd spears and flame change –  shield wall and leap back

    8:36 4th spears co-tank

    8:47 5th spears and smite – leap away, SR and LS

    8:59 6th spears and flame change co-tank

    9:12 7th spears – leap away, SR, potion and external CD like bark

    9:23 8th spears and smite co-tank

    9:34 9th spears and flame change – demo shout, double IP and external CD like barkleap back

    9:47 10th spears co-tank

    9:58 11th spears and smite – leap away, die horribly™

    10:09 12th spears and flame change co-tank

    Starting on 2nd spear ⇓

    8:01 1st spears co-tank

    8:12 2nd spears and smite – demo shoutleap away, SR and double IP

    8:23 3rd spears and flame change co-tank

    8:36 4th spears –  leap away, shield wall and SR

    8:47 5th spears and smite co-tank

    8:59 6th spears and flame change – SR, LS and leap back

    9:12 7th spears co-tank

    9:23 8th spears and smite – SR, potion and external CD like bark

    9:34 9th spears and flame change co-tank

    9:47 10th spears – demo shoutleap away, double IP and external CD like bark

    9:58 11th spears and smite co-tank

    10:09 12th spears – die horribly™



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