Mythic plus

The mythic+ weekly affix rotation table for patch 7.2 is being updated each week as we see the new affix combinations.

World of Warcraft: Legion has provided us with a new form on end game gearing opportunities in the form of mythic plus dungeons. Even if you are someone who isn’t focusing too much on farming these, anywhere from 4 to 10 pieces of your gear are most likely from mythic+. At the very least, you will want to clear a M10+ for the weekly chest in your class hall.

Tanking this content with it’s different combinations of affixes requires a somewhat different approach than a mythic raid boss. If you are only doing M+ infrequently, then these guides will prepare you on how to best tackle the various situations you will be facing.

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Mythic+ weekly affix rotation EU / US

In 2
In 3
In 4
In 5
In 6
In 7
In 8
In 9
In 10


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