Bolstering – Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide for Prot Warrior

bolstering is a first tier mythic+ affix appearing in dungeons on mythic keystone levels 4 and higher. It can be paired with skittish or Grievous and as all first tier affixes – with fortified or tyrannical.

It is an easy to handle modifier, but its management is largely out of your control. The best approach is to cleave the mobs in a pack equally and have them die virtually at the same time. This means it’s a DD modifier and you and the healer are mostly relying on them to do their job properly.

Tips and Tricks for the Bolstering Affix

At the very least you can do what tanks do best and

Control the pulls

Keep it limited to a 3-5 add pull. Even if some of them get bolstered at higher than 5% HP, it should still be manageable with not much time wasted.

Mark and assist

Despite it being the DDs’ job to spread out their damage euqally, it is good etiquette to help them out where possible. If you see a mob being neglected, make sure to put a kill marker  on that bugger, switch to it yourself and call for assists. Even though they cleave, their main target will be getting hit harder and go down faster. You need to frequently switch to targets with higher healthpools.

The tactical retreat

When things inevitably go south, resort to what is now the new meta in WoW tanking. That’s right – run away like a little wuss. When you get that mob with 70% health remaining, 10 bolstering buffs on fortified that hits harder than a boss, drop your shockwave, Leap away and “kite” it.

Problematic packs

    • Spiders staircase – There is many of them and they buff each other. Don’t pull all at once. Kill like 5 at a time and do so before you pull the big spider.
    • Big packs up the stairs after spiders – Pay extra close attention on bringing them down equally. Kill them away from patrols to avoid extra bolsters.
    • Demon corridor (Wyrmtongue + Bladelords) – Again, controlled pulls, wait for patrols. You don’t want to face check an overbuffed brutal assault. You could pull the last 2 bladelords away and kill them separately to prevent bolstering.
    • Felguard + bat staircase – Bats don’t actually give bolstering buffs – yay \o/. Felguards do though, so don’t pull everything up to the boss room like on lower difficulties.
    • Packs whit constructs on all bridges – Either focus the constructs down before the other adds or have an interrupt rotation for charging station casts
    • Mana Wyrms + guard – Don’t explode the worms and buff the guard… Just do single target damage on him. By the time he is down your claps and revenges will have brought the wyrms down to lower HP.
    • Imps – They need to die fast and make sure they stay stacked. Sometimes one likes to stray away and avoid most of the damage…
    • Bloody blobs – Don’t pull them together with blood elemental, LoL.
    • Last corridor – Those packs are horrible. Especially on fortified. If you are not with a very good group better plan to use invisibility potion on the last pack.
    • Patrol at start – When you pull the first 2 mobs, there is a patrolling dude on the bridge. Make sure he isn’t in range while the first pack is dying.
    • Patrols under the deck – Hounds and Mariner are patrolling and space is tight in general. Be extra careful to not ninja pull and buff a full HP patrol.
    • Big packs at start – Pay extra close attention on bringing them down equally. Kill them away from patrols to avoid extra bolsters.
    • Spiders and vengies at the end – When they spread, the ones in the shadows don’t get bolstered. It might be worth to not stun lock them when they are low and allow them to move out.
    • Murlocs  – These packs have 1 mob with higher HP. You need to focus it, so it doesn’t get buffed and wreck you.
    • Drake before 1st boss – His breath attack actually deals huge dmg and he has more HP than the surrounding mobs. He needs to die first because a bolstered breath can easily one shot you. Pop a big CD if a buffed cast is coming.

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