Bursting – Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide for Prot Warrior

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Bursting is a first tier mythic+ affix appearing in dungeons on Mythic Keystone levels 4 and higher. It can be paired with Skittish and Tyrannical or ??

Upon dying, mobs throughout the dungeon will apply debuff to your whole party for 4 seconds. Every 2 seconds, you take 5% of your maximum HP per stack in damage. New applications of the debuff increase the stack count by 1 and reset the duration up to a maximum of 6s. Due to the compounding nature of this debuff it is undesirable to allow last second refreshes. The tick doesn’t place you in combat, but interrupts mounting or eating.

As with many other M+ affixes fighter chow is very useful here as well. It should be your food of choice and can save you from dying on many occasions.

Tips and Tricks for the Bursting Affix

You have two options to deal with this affix. You can take the

Bolstering Approach

You will be killing off trash packs similarly to bolstering week. Nuke the pack equally and kill all mobs within a short time window after the first one dying. You will stack up a high % bursting damage but will have no mobs to worry about and will drop out of combat. Your healer and fighter chow will have a chance to top you up to full health before the damage ticks. If your health % < Bursting damage % you should use a damage reduction CD.

Raging Approach

You will be killing off trash packs similarly to Raging week. AoE the pack, but have a priority nuke target. After the first one of two mobs die start chain stunning and possibly wait with killing off the next mobs until your stacks drop – you deal with low % bursting damage at a time and stagger it for a longer time, but have mobs to deal with as well.

Pacing your pulls

With a good and competent group you can expect to use the “bolstering approach” in lower M+ dungeons since mobs will die quickly and you can do bigger pulls. Respectively use the “raging approach” in higher M+ dungeons since, you guessed it, stuff will die slowly and you will do smaller pulls.

In any case, you should not be engaging more than 7-8 mobs at a time. Killing a pack of 8 all at the same time will leave you with a 80% HP damage DoT. In such cases you need to use your spare rage for an ignore pain, wait for the damage to hit, wait to get back to at least 70% HP (either through heals or regeneration) and then proceed to the next pack/packs.

If you have up to 3 stacks after killing off a pack and your party is above 50% HP you can start making your way to the next pack. Ideally, if your healer is skilled enough you can engage the next pack before the bursting damage has hit.


  • Adds summoned during a boss encounter do not apply a bursting DoT.
  • Scripted NPC deaths like in Cathedral apply stacks as well,
  • What type of damage is it? Which immunities work on the debuff?


Problematic packs

Essentially every pack with 7 or more mobs in it. If you finish off the last mob with your party on low HP and your healer cannot top you off before the bursting debuff damage hits, bad things will happen. That is why it is extremely useful if every party member uses fighter chow. When that last mob dies, you drop combat and the extra regeneration kicks in. It will often be enough to bring your HP up and prevent unfortunate deaths, especially if your healer seems to be struggling to top you off.

Packs which leave a non-dispellable ticking DoT even after they die will severely prevent you from gaining enough HP to survive a high stack bursting tick.

Unproblematic packs

It seems that bursting falls into the same category with bolstering I.e. “swarm” type trash packs are not affected by the mythic+ affix:

  • Vault of the wardens – Imps after first boss
  • Darkheart Thicket – Whelplings from eggs
  • Black Rook Hold – Bats at the Felguard + bat staircase
  • Arcway – Multiplying blobs at start. Most apply bursting stacks. Killing the big “original” blobs and running out of the instance to despawn the small ones is recommended! // Unconfirmed if ALL but it would be damned cruel if they did //

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