Fortified – Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide for Prot Warrior

Fortified is a third tier mythic+ affix appearing in dungeons on Mythic Keystone levels 10 and higher. It can be paired with SanguineVolcanic / TeemingExplosive / Teeming + Quaking / Sanguine + Grievous.

This buffs the trash packs to the point where some mobs will cause more wipes than bosses. Woe is me 🙁

Tips and Tricks for the Fortified Affix

You need to prep to

Fear the mobs

As in, be afraid of them. Fear is what keeps us alive.

You will be making liberal use of your shockwave (and chain stunning) and rotating your defensive cooldowns. Be cautious to not waste things like NF or DS while the mobs are actually stunned. Regularly use SR on casters. You can have a designated interrupter in the group for the one cast that needs to be stopped – i.e. heals and channels. The rest you can just interrupt to reduce damage on yourself and the party.

If your group can actually fear the mobs or otherwise buy you some breathing room, make sure they are utilizing those abilities.

Engaging mobs

The best approach is to engage a pack with a cooldown and SB, after 10-12s commence the stunning sequence. During this time your SB will recharge. The mobs will be alive for longer than average, but by the time the stuns wear off they should be close to dying.

Realistically, most packs will not be that dangerous or at least less dangerous to you than to the rest of the group. The ones that are worth mentioning are listed below.

Problematic packs

    • Seers – Spawns eye. They should be top priority to kill since their eyes don’t always shoot in the direction they are facing, making it very hard to dodge and deadly.
    • Chaosbringers – Their CB hurts. You can SR two casts if you time it properly, but you cannot interrupt it, because you wont have enough interrupts left for portal and other. Rely on CDs and stuns. These should be the 2nd priority with a prot warrior around.
    • Wyrmtongue packs – They do high physical damage. Stun them and pop CDs.
    • Big felguard – Has big sword, hurts a lot.
    • Construct boss area – The big withered hit hard. Move packs out of haste increase zone. Generally stun and kite a lot.
    • Arcane anomaly – They summon sparks which explode for high damage – damage. Kill them fast or move out of range.
    • Naga casternaga. Besides interrupting storm, you also need to interrupt arc lightning. It destroys the party’s HP.
    • Naga warriors – They enrage at ~50%, use your stuns for then.
    • Naga casternaga. Their rebound will do heavy damage to multiple targets. Use your interrupts for that and let the healer dispel the polymorf.
    • Murlocs – They will hurt, but they die quickly. Start them off with a stun.
    • Sea giants before boss – Focus down the giant (the one on the left), he casts aoe damage. Put a skull on him and use SR.
    • Naga before last boss – Interrupt their damaging spells – spells.
    • Big packs as start – They contain 4-5 mobs. If you take a hit from each without any cooldowns or SB you might very well drop dead. Some adds enrage at 50% – resort to kiting if needed.
    • First miniboss – On raging + necrotic she is outright despicable! She does high tank damage, AoE and enrages at ~50%. There is no shame in using heroism to burst her down or just skipping her with invisibility potions.
    • Mini bosses after 2nd boss – It is advisable to skip the dreadlord as his meteor does extremely high damage and would require everyone to stack in it unless the target has immunities.
    • Mini boss before last elevator – He roots 1 player with torment which does torment. Unless the target has immunities, people need to stack on him. Two people should be enough and you can be one of them, since you have a larger healthpool and can mitigate some of the damage. Just make sure to move out quickly afterwards to avoid the green puddles.
    • Packs before first boss – I have personally never not skipped these with invis pots
    • Big packs after spiders – Make it a point to avoid getting stunned – stun and standing in barrage. Panther needs to get focused down quickly. As soon as the scouts finish casting, the knife dance channeling start. You have to interrupt the channel with stun/incapacitate/fear/pushback/anything. Interrupting the cast doesn’t put the ability on cooldown. It does deadly AoE damage especially if there are 2 going off.
    • Demon corridor (Wyrmtongue + Bladelords) – Dodge the breaths and spinning guys. Focus the ones with increased attack speed – the ones that grow in size, you can’t miss them. Bladelords have this conveniently bugged (as of writing) attack that will hit you from across the galaxy. You cannot outrange it. The best approach is to save your stuns and cc for them and focus them down. Same as knife dance – wait for the attack cast to finish and as soon as the channel begins, interrupt it with a stun/something. Alternatively, keep your big CDs ready and possibly pop 2 for an enraged/double attack.
    • Cats – They leap on ranged players. If 2 leap on the same target, it is most likely game over for him. Focus them down
    • Double bears before 1st boss – Their shout will destroy the party. On higher M+ you might opt to use hero and potions on them. In any case, use your defensive cooldowns here to help your healer out.
    • Bloody Blobs – In case you were not aware, they actually explode a short while after death. Don’t linger and continue moving.
    • Last corridor – The spellcasts will hurt once your SR is over. Consider using invisibility potions for the last pack.
    • Inquisitor – Stun him when the channel of eye storm begins.
    • Felbound enforcer – You can entirely avoid the damage from her detonation. Tank her near a corner. When she starts casting, run behind the corner to line of sight her. You pretty much need to do this on high M+, because detonation will stack and become unhealable.
    • Dreadlord spy – His volley will do high AoE damage. Do your best to mitigate and stay topped off.
    • Big crystal giantthis. His spell does high magic damage for a prolonged period. SR wont cover the whole of it. If you do not have a high IP/ragepool, use another CD.
    • Small grubs casting meta – Drop them a stun if nobody notices them.
    • Last packs – They will do heavy tank and AoE damage. Use cooldowns for them.
    • Mobs right after 1st boss – They throw kegs. Move out of their way when they start casting to avoid getting hit
    • Mariner – The patrolling mob does high AoE damage. Mitigate as much as you can to help your healer out.
    • Last 2 mobs before 2nd boss – They enrage. Have a cooldown ready.
    • Many spellcasters – Don’t pull too many packs at once. Interrupt blastetch and move mobs out of circle
    • 4 king minibosses – Common order is activating them from left to right. This will leave you with the last 2 kings using sever. Use big CDs for that part, or just start from right to left.

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