Grievous – Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide for Prot Warrior

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Grievous is a second tier mythic+ affix appearing in dungeons on Mythic Keystone levels 7 and higher. It can be paired with Bolstering and Tyrannical or Sanguine and Fortified.

When you fall below 90% HP you are affected by debuff. It caps out at 5 stacks after 15s, ticking for 17.5% of your HP every 3s. This will affect you even out of combat and will not put you in combat. It is a healer affix seemingly designed to replace the retired Overflowing. You can’t influence this affix very much besides avoiding unnecessary damage (which you are doing anyway, right?) and using your self heals to try and top yourself up.



Tips and Tricks for the Grievous Affix

Same as with overflowing you have to

Manage your heals

VR – You should try your best to proc this as often as possible. You don’t need to deliver the killing blow but need to have damaged the mob 1-2s before it dies in order to proc your ability. Always switch to the mob with the lowest health or hold off your TC for a couple of seconds to guarantee a hit on a dying mob. VR gives you a sizable 30% HP. When it is active, you should save it for the right moment. As a rule of thumb, use it when you are below 60% HP or if you have 3+ stacks use it ASAP.

inspiring presence – You should still be choosing this over IV. While IV can be useful for boss fights as opposed to VR, the 15% reduction in healing is overall undesirable in the context of a whole dungeon. inspiring presence on the other hand can provide some relief for your healer.


If you have the luxury to choose it is a good idea to go for

legendary wrists – on average they provide a third to a half of the HPS of your ignore pain.


Use fighter chow. It is still very helpful despite it being nerfed in 7.2.


Problematic packs

Grievous does not particularly synergies with any of the packs or bosses in dungeons. No way near as raging or bolstering does. This affix is mostly a flat across the board difficulty increase for your healer. The other affixes will already be making it hard for her/him to keep you above 90% HP but now you have that annoying constantly ticking dot.

To perform well on grievous week you need to be performing well on the affixes it is paired with, namely bolstering and tyrannical.

The hardest pulls will be ones where there is a lot of AoE damage going out to the party when your healer needs to scramble to top everyone up as fast as possible.



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