Necrotic – Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide for Prot Warrior

Necrotic is a second tier mythic+ affix appearing in dungeons on Mythic Keystone levels 7 and higher. It can be paired with Teeming or raging and Tyrannical.

Necrotic is is my favorite affix… Said no one. Ever.

Similar to raging it forces you to do the opposite of tanking – running away. At 33 stacks you receive 99% reduced healing and a ticking magic dot. Maybe it’s just me, but when I rolled a tank I didn’t think to myself “Oh boy, I can’t wait to struggle to maintain aggro while keeping my distance from the enemies.”


Update during 7.1.5

Necrotic stacks drop upon leaving combat.

Blizz devs hate it

Learn the secret to 3 chest EVERY necrotic dungeon!!!

Tips and Tricks for the Necrotic Affix

Ok, moving away from my personal dislike for necrotic, the most important thing to do is

Track you stacks

If you are finding yourself trying to tank mobs and your health is just dropping and dropping, then you’ve probably reached 20+ stacks and should be trying to drop them. To start off, get a weak aura that tracks your necrotic stacks and put it somewhere visible. You should see how many stacks you have and how much time until they drop off.

With experience you will start to intuitively know when you need to stop taking further stacks even without actively tracking your debuff. It is anyway always there next to your minimap (depending on the UI you are using) in your debuff box.

I.e. In a trash pack of 5 mobs you can take a maximum of 3-4 hits from each. Depending on the trash pack and your parry luck (parried and dodged attacks wont apply necrotic stacks), you have about 6-9 seconds before your necrotic becomes a problem. Or about a shield block and a half.

Before long you will start relying on cues much more than you are on your debuff tracker.

Drop your stacks

Once you get to 20 stacks and above you are pretty much not getting any heals. This includes your ignore pain – it is affected by necrotic as well. This is when you drop your shockwave. As with other M+ affixes it is not advised to open up with a stun, but rather save it for when you need it. Instruct your party to be ready to follow up your stun and lock down the mobs for as long as possible. During this time you slow the mobs with a TC and move at a distance. By the time the chain stun is over you should be down to 3-2s of debuff and the gap you’ve created between you and the mobs should make up the remaining time.

If your stun is on cd for some reason or your group doesn’t have stuns you will have to rely on kiting. Keep pressing your TC to keep aggro and slow the mobs and run away. Use Leap to gain distance quickly.


Secret – don’t open ⇓

fighter chow – It will single handedly be your biggest time saver in a necrotic dungeon. Normally after killing off a pack you will be sitting at low HP and have to wait 5-10s for your healer to top you off, using mana inefficient spells to do it as fast as possible. The food buff heals you up after the trash pack is dead and you will be ready to pull the next one ASAP preserving your healer’s mana in the process.



Enemies immune to CC

These are either special elites or bosses. You have some options, but neither will work all the time.

Best case – you Leap away and by the time the enemy has come close to you, you charge a party member to quickly gain more distance. Hopefully this will be enough to drop your stacks.

Not best case – Use a big cooldown if the enemy is looking to die within 10-15s. Try to outlast him. Our LS doesn’t count as healing and just increases HP, pair it with shield wall and fingers crossed.

Ask a friend – Have somebody taunt and keep the boss until your stacks drop. Paladin with bubble, warrior with 100% parry, monk with karma. While they are tanking, make sure to run away. You can taunt the boss at 2-3s left on your debuff – it should drop by the time he reaches you.

Small pulls

If you are still not comfortable with the above techniques, try to do smaller pulls so you have time to react before your stacks get really high. Wait for your stacks to drop before engaging the next pack.

Problematic packs

Most of the bosses have some sort of intermission, long cast or just general downtime which you can exploit to drop your necrotic stacks. Most, but not all…
    • First miniboss – One of my first M10+ I did was raging, necrotic fortified wardens. I still have flashbacks of the countless wipes that I had on this miniboss. I haven’t had the pleasure to try this setup in recent times, but I presume it is still horrid. Either skip this with invis pots or use heroism to kill it fast. You cannot CC or kite it, but it should be easy on tyrannical week.
    • Trashpacks after miniboss – There are many small demon fodder. Even though they die fast, you will quickly become unhealable. Don’t do big pulls.
    • Inquisitor – You have time to drop your stacks, but after his intermissions he comes back with friends. Make sure to nuke down the adds fast.
    • Minibosses after Inquisitor – Go to the dreadlord on tyrannical week. His Meteor wont hurt much and you should get less necrotic stacks. Go to other miniboss on fortified week. You have to nuke down the felhounds fast. Overall this is a tougher pull for you as a tank, but safer than dreadlord meteor in a random PuG. Make sure you have your big CDs ready to go.
    • First boss Pajrehs – If you have CCs, use it on the melee add to keep it in check until spear hits. Kill off the caster meanwhile.
    • Naga witch H8coil – Round up and CC the blobs that she spawns. Make sure someone with curse can kill them off quickly as you don’t want them ramping up your stacks. You wont be able to drop your stacks normally. During one of her lightning casts run away from her and as she reaches you Leap away. Your stacks should have dropped by the time she reaches you again.
    • Cave with murlocs and goblins – It’s a risky pull, but you could just round up everything together, stun and kite. Engange with a CD up, because you will instantly get 30 stacks.
    •  Sea giant Derpbeard – You may or may not be able to drop your stacks. Use a CD near the end.
    • Spiders staircase –  The spider’s debuff paired with necrotic is very deadly. Don’t pull everything at once and make sure to drop your stacks before you pull the big spider.
    • Demon corridor (Wyrmtongue + Bladelords) – This is just nasty on every affix. The mobs with increased attack speed don’t make it better. Have your CC ready and kite away.
    • Felguard + bat staircase – Many bats flying around stacking up your necrotic. Have your CC ready and kite away.
    • Third boss on balcony – You should be able to drop you stacks after his charge. Be ready to Leap away just in case.
    • Blobs at the start – They die quickly, but you will be unhealable for the majority of the time. Keep your LS ready and kite.
    • Felguard boss – He hits hard and frequently and won’t let your stacks drop. You either get someone to taunt the boss with an immunity or during one of his casts you Leap, wait for him to get close (he is fast) and charge a party member. That should be enough time to drop your stacks, but can be tricky to pull off with all the hazards on the ground.
    • Spider room – the big spiders are social with a huge range. If you pull one pack, half the room will come. Use CCs and kite.
    • Spider boss – You might have to leave the add to roam around for a bit until your stacks drop. Stun and slow it.
    • First boss – He hits hard and frequently and won’t let your stacks drop. You either get someone to taunt the boss with an immunity or during one of his casts you Leap, wait for him to get close (he is fast) and charge a party member. That should be enough time to drop your stacks, but can be tricky to pull off with all the hazards on the ground.
    • 4 king minibosses – When the last 2 are up at the same time your stacks will ramp up. You should focus down one of them fast and try to kite the other one or have somebody taunt.
    • Trash up to first boss – Coordinate CCs well if you plan to do a big pull. You cannot tank all the adds without heals 🙂
    • Miniboss before Helya – The constantly spawning adds will ramp up your stacks. Save CDs.
    • First boss – His casts aren’t long enough to allow your stacks to drop and on top of that he spawns adds which melee hit.  You have to resist the urge of using your AoE skills and allow your DPSers to get aggro and kill off the small adds. The boss himself has a slow attack speed and casts regularly so your stacks wont get too high if you avoid being hit by adds.
    • Third boss – Your stacks will ramp up until he tongue lashes you. Use cooldowns to stay alive until then.
    • First boss – Wont be able to drop your stacks, but they wont get too high. Use a CD near the end.
    • Second boss – Wont be able to drop your stacks, but they wont get too high. Use a CD near the end.

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