[Legacy] Overflowing – Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide for Prot Warrior



Overflowing is a second tier mythic+ affix appearing in dungeons on mythic keystone levels 7 and higher. It can be paired with sanguine or bolstering and always only Tyrannical, which makes your health drop so much that this affix doesn’t even matter.

This is probably the affix which you have least control over and is widely regarded as a free pass. The wording is a bit awkward, but what this does is turn the overhealing done by only the healer into a healing absorption debuff.  You cannot receive further heals until it is depleted, but your self heals will count towards negating it. This is a healers affix and your overheals will not create a debuff.


Tips and Tricks for the Overflowing Affix

The only job you have here is

Managing your heals

… Of which you do not have many.

VR – This is pretty simple. If you proc it during a fight, make sure you are at about 50% HP before using it. If you are higher and there is an incoming heal that hits after your VR, you will get a hefty debuff.

inspiring presence – This is usually your go to talent. The healing from it isn’t anything major and people will most often be taking enough damage so that your inspiring presence wont catch your healer by surprise and cause overhealing issues. Overall this will still be beneficial for your group as it counts towards diminishing the overflow.


legendary wrists – In case you have these, on average they provide a third to a half of the HPS of your ignore pain. Your health will be spiking enough that it should not result in major overhealing.

That’s all folks

And with that we are spent. Everything else is in the hands of your healer. There are some popular opinions about which classes are better for this and which ones are bad, but a good player who knows his game will be able to breeze through overflowing quite easily. I prefer to refrain from perpetuating any ungrounded biases that might exist within the community already.

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