Quaking – Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide for Prot Warrior

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Quaking is a second tier mythic+ affix appearing in dungeons on Mythic Keystone levels 7 and higher. It can be paired with Teeming and Fortified or ??

Players will get periodically (every 20s from the start of the timer) affected with a debuff that deals 20% of your max HP in damage within 8 yards around the target after 3 seconds. Overall pretty bland, just need to spread when you are affected. Upon expiring it will interrupt spellcasting, but doesn’t dismount.

Quaking persists after completing the dungeon.


Tips and Tricks for the Quaking Affix

To know when you are affected by the debuff you need to

Track the quaking affix

Especially in the beginning when you are not used to the shockwaves breaking the dynamic of your run. Like with many other affixes that affect your pulling rhythm you can avoid wipes by having a big weak aura in the middle of your screen tracking the presence of the debuff. Make sure not to pull a pack at the same as some other external damage will be hitting you and your group.

Ideally DBM or BigWigs or a similar addon will have a timer to track when the quakes will occur so you can prepare in advance.

Stay spread

Even if you are tracking your quakes, you cannot be certain that others are. Besides that, DPSers tend to tunnel vision and blank out. As a general precaution during quaking week, just keep your distance from other party members throughout all of the dungeon. If you are in a melee heavy comp and they are all over you like 5 year olds hugging an oversized fluffy carebear – Leap to safety.


Problematic packs

Quaking brings the same difficulties as other affixes that require you to spread like Volcanic for example. In areas where your space is limited you will have a hard time staying at a distance from all your party members whilst positioning the pack properly. You might have to pull packs backwards into areas that you have already cleared to avoid running into extra trash.

The visual effect is a brown circle underneath your feet. This can be hard to see in some dungeons due to their ground textures.

Dungeons notorious for lack of wiggle room are:

  • Black Rook Hold – Many tight corridors
  • Darkheart Thicket – Tight passages and trash packs which you want to skip
  • Court of Stars – Open courtyards, but many partols and trash packs you want to skip. Quaking will interrupt you cast to open the door to the last boss.
  • Cathedral of Eternal Night – Bubble at last boss
  • Eye of Azshara – Need to stand on islands on Naga boss. Each player should stand on a separate island
  • Maw of Souls – Many tight corridors and spaces
  • Vault of the Wardens – Many tight corridors and spaces


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