Raging – Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide for Prot Warrior

Raging is a first tier mythic+ affix appearing in dungeons on Mythic Keystone levels 4 and higher. It can be paired with Necrotic or Volcanic  and Tyrannical.

Raging does what it implies. It enrages the mobs, instantaneously, when they reach 30% health. It can be especially dangerous on enemies who already naturally enrage. Fortunately, bosses are unaffected.

Tips and Tricks for the Raging Affix

The best course of action is to employ a strategy that has been widely utilized and refined by the French military throughout the ages:

Tactical retreat

When the going gets tough, the tough get going… As in going and gone. Far away. Nowhere near close to the enemy. You know what, just exit the dungeon, cast your hearthstone and pull out your internet cable from the wall.

As with many other M+ affixes sometimes your best (or rather only) option is to drop a CC like shockwave, slow the pack with TC and Leap away while you wait for the DDs in the party to clean up the mobs.

Coordinate your group

Doing well on raging is not so much about being a good tank, but rather about being a good party leader, which actually should go hand in hand.

Focus fire

Put marks on targets that are dangerous and need to die quickly. These are targets that:

  • Already enrage by default at 50% HP or less.
  • Have a high damaging ability that will start one-shotting during enrage
  • In a big pack have been brought down to 30% before the rest – they need to be finished off


Make sure to arrange an order for chain stunning mobs. When you engage a pack do not open up with a stun. Wait until they start dropping down to 35-30%, use your shockwave and the rest should follow up. By the time the chain stun has finished, mobs should be dead. If they are not or you have only your 3s stun to rely on – resort to kiting.

That is pretty much it. If mobs die quickly, you have nothing to worry about. If they stick around for a while you will feel it hard.

Problematic packs

Since raging only affects non-boss enemies it is more easily manageable on tyrannical and quite deadly on fortified. The packs discussed below will only become problematic on tyrannical at high M+ but straight away on fortified.

Cats – All felines in Legion dungeons jump on your face and wreck you! This only happens to ranged players, but you can play a major role in preventing their deaths. Don’t pull more than 2 cats at a time. Mark  and nuke one cat. Stun lock them when they get enraged – kill before it can leap with that 100% bonus dmg.

    • Melee nagas – melee naga have enrage.
    • Caster nagascaster nagas target random party members with spells – interrupt their raging casts.
    • Hydras and crabs – Hydras cannot be stunned and they actually hurt a lot – kite them when they enrage.
    • Sea giants before boss – Focus down Skrog Wavecrasher (the one on the left), he casts Rising Fury. They cannot be stunned – might need to kite.
    • Packs until 1st boss – they have this guy and that guy which cast enrages. Stun and kite.
    • First miniboss – It is horrible, kill it with fire please! Refer to my anecdote on the necrotic page. High tank and party damage and it also enrages. Use heroism or skip with invisibility.
    • Mini bosses after 2nd boss – Skip the dreadlord unless you want a raging Meteor to wipe your group
    • Pelters – They already do high damage to random party members. You need to finish them off quickly once they reach 30% HP.
    • Big crystal giantVileshard Hulk. His Piercing Shards does high magic damage for a prolonged period. Spell Reflection wont cover the whole of it. If you do not have a high Ignore Pain/ragepool, use another CD.
    • Last packs – They will do heavy tank and AoE damage. Use cooldowns for them. Focus down the scorpion riders first. Pelters should not reach 30% before the other add is dead.
    • Cats
    • Double bears – Each will roar once before they reach 30%. You have to nuke one bear fast and be topped off using a defensive CD to survive a 3rd roar on 2 stacks. It is advisable to use heroism on this pack on fortified.
    • Last corridor – This is already difficult for us due to all the magic damage. Be on top of your game and maybe use invis pots on the last group.
    • Cat
    • Demon corridor (Wyrmtongue + Bladelords) – the Bladelords have enrage and assault combo. The Wyrmtongues that grow in size get a huge atk. speed increase and 5% stacking dmg increase per second. They are your priority. All are stunable but not kiteable.
    • Felguard + bat staircase – Watch out for felguards that get a buff cast off. You don’t want to face check them.
    • Cats
    • Constructs – their smash deals high physical dmg – have a CD ready to go if they cast it at 30% HP.
    • Felbound enforcer – Just line of sight her Fel Detonation as usual and you will be fine.
    • Big felguard – Has big sword, hurts a lot.
    • Construct boss area – The big withered hit hard. Move packs out of haste increase zone. Generally stun and kite a lot.
    • Drake before 1st boss – His breath attack actually deals huge dmg. Pop a big CD if a raging cast is coming.
    • Packs before Hyrja – These mobs remove your armor with debuff and reduce healing with other debuff. Don’t face check them when they are enraged.
    • 4 king minibosses – Common order is activating them from left to right. This will leave you with the last 2 kings using Sever. Use big CDs for that part, or just start from right to left. In any case, when 2 are up together, focus and kill one before the other reaches 30%.
    • Last 2 mobs before 2nd boss – They have enrage. Have a cooldown ready when they cast it at 30% and below.
    • Miniboss before Helya – A raging spell will one shot you even on tyrannical. If you are in a melee heavy group, make sure to move away from his spectral image before he teleports to that location.

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