Skittish – Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide for Prot Warrior

Skittish is a second tier mythic+ affix appearing in dungeons on mythic keystone levels 7 and higher. It can be paired with bolstering or teeming and Fortified (some people just want to watch the keystones burn). As of 7.2 it can also pair with Bursting and Tyrannical.

It can be reduced to being a mere annoyance if you come prepared, but can easily cause QQ ragequits if handled poorly.

Talent and gear recommendations

ravager – One of the very few scenarios in game where you would want to use ravager. You want all the burst AoE damage/threat generation that you can get your hands on and HR is less useful with random mobs dropping aggro and no Tyrannical.

WC – Experiment with it, until tab targeting and micro managing survivability and taunts makes you want to uninstall the game. I am sure it is doable, but seems like it isn’t worth the effort and nerve wrecking. Both bounding stride for extra damage/mobility/taunt resets and crackling thunder are less stressful options.

Trinkets – Use an AoE damage trinket like RSP or master, if you have any.

Tips and Tricks for the Skittish Affix

You will generally want to cleave down the packs quickly (and equally when bolstering). However you should still

Mark a target

Put a ♦mark on the priority target and have your DDs target it as well. That way your AoE should be enough to keep threat on other targets and when your focus drops aggro you can be quick to taunt it back.

Disclaimer: Non-marked targets may still very well drop aggro. Be prepared to pick them up.

Hold off stuns

If your group has many stuns, make sure to hold them and not chain stun from the get go. When you lose aggro, drop your shockwave to prevent DDs from taking damage. This will give you precious time to get aggro back with damage or get taunt off CD again. Have your group use their stuns when shockwave is on CD and you lose aggro again.


Keep an eye on your party frames or the adds. When you see that a DD has aggro, intercept them right away. You will protect them from 3 hits and win yourself some time to recover aggro.

When all else fails, revert to what you can do best

Oh yeah, that’s right. You thought I wouldn’t go there, but I am. I am indeed talking about RUNNING AWAY from the face of danger. However this time it’s not you running away, it’s the melees. Skittish is definitely not a melee friendly affix. At higher M+ ppl will get into 1 shot territory on some packs, dying before you can react. If you go with a range group, by the time the adds make their way to another player, they will be either dead or turning back to you.

Instruct your melee at the start, that if they survive the first hit, they should not wait for a second one. 90% of the adds will be slowed, because you are spamming TC like a mad man and the added distance will give you enough time to react before the melees start dropping dead. Losing 2-3 seconds of DPS uptime is much better than 5 seconds on the timer and however long it takes them to run back to the pack after releasing.

Problematic packs

All of them.

DDs aren’t made to tank adds regularly and all the cheat death and personal defensives in the world will run out fairly quickly.

The various enraging enemies or large packs will be more deadly, but that doesn’t change your playstyle or response so they aren’t worth mentioning explicitly.


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