Tyrannical – Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide for Prot Warrior

Tyrannical is a third tier mythic+ affix appearing in dungeons on mythic keystone levels 10 and higher. It can be paired with TeemingNecroticRaging + Volcanic / Bolstering + Grievous / Bursting + Skittish / Raging + Necrotic.

This buffs bosses to the point where you actually have to do mechanics. Woe is me 🙁

Tips and Tricks for the Tyrannical Affix

You need to prep for

Lengthy boss encounters

Think upwards from 2 minutes and much longer on higher M+. You will be rotating your CDs and ask for your healer’s external, possibly have a dps with an immunity tank a hit. You will certainly want to have your heavy repercussions and carry around armor pots as an extra CD. Get thunder clap for easier add management unless you are on Necrotic where you will probably need bounding stride .

Active mitigation

You should be very near to a 100% uptime on SB throughout a boss encounter. That is why we will only mention this briefly for completeness’ sake. There are several dungeon bosses that require you to have an active mitigation up in order to counter their ability. Again this should be a non-issue, but is worth keeping it in the back of your head.

Dungeon – Boss – Ability to mitigate ⇓

VotW – 1st Boss – buff lasts 10 seconds.

NL – Last Boss – knockback

HoV – 4th Boss – slash

BRH – 2nd Boss – vengeful shear

BRH – 3rd Boss – The less damage you take (also trough Act.Mtg.), the less energy the boss generates, thus reducing frequency of big hit

There aren’t many more general recommendations to be given here. You will need to approach this on a boss by boss basis. Some will hurt you a lot, some will one shot your group with AoE.

Problematic bosses


    • First boss Pajrehs – Juggling between boss and adds can be stressful due to prolonged fight duration. Keep focus. If you have CCs, use it on the caster add to keep them in check until spear hits. If Necrotic consider CCing the melee add. The boss enrages at 30% so save CDs for then.
    • Naga witch H8coil – Her lightning strike does heavy AoE, help out your healer by using your CDs for these casts. Pop SR at the very least, but keep your shield wall for an “oh shit” moment
    • Sea giant Derpbeard  – He enrages at 30%. Keep your CDs for it.
    • Wrath of warrior’s wet dream  – Another focus endurance fight, due to increased encounter length. You will have to be on your toes dodging tornadoes and waves.
    • Inquisitor Not tyrannical specific, but I figured this is the best place to mention this since we are going over boss mechanics. The best way to counter his sap is with SS. Regardless of the added CD, your other skills will reset its duration. If you cannot use SS, go for some of the other abilities which you do not need for this fight like SR, pummel or fear.
    • Gazer – Lengthy encounter with a lot of projectiles to dodge 🙁
    • Ash’Golm – Happened to me once on higher M+ where we had to do the mechanics. If the fight lasts long enough that the Ember adds finish their detonate cast, your dps will have to start switching to the adds and killing them off. Their high AoE damage will become unmanageable quickly.
    • Cordana – Once a loyal warden, she has now succumb to the temptation of fel magic and is… Nah nvm, make sure to dodge those boomerang shuriken throws – something. They explode for big AoE.
    • First boss – You will need to help out with killing the spirits that start moving towards the boss when he hits 50% HP. They can be slowed, stunned and rooted. Already at M10 people are in 1-shot territory from blast. Help out your healer by stacking a big IP and dropping a CD like SR and something else on higher M+.
    • Third boss on balcony – He already hits hard and his thing hits harder. Use CDs to reduce the damage and counteract the debuff.
    • Tree boss – His grab hurts. You will need to combine your SR with one of your other big CDs for every cast. Factor in your healer’s external as well. While you are picked up you can still autoattack and cast so keep generating rage to pop an IP. The roots spawn saplings on uproot casts. Due to the duration of the fight, the roots will ramp up to obscene numbers. The DDs will need to stand in roots and kill them. Otherwise you risk getting overrun by saplings. Since every other ability was mentioned for completeness’ sake – position his breath away from the party.
    • Xavius – An honorable mention at best. Still an easy boss for tanks, but if you are targeted by his bolt, be sure to SR it.
    • First boss – You have to round up and help kill the adds. They buff his AoE smash damage trough this. Have thunder clap to catch adds as they spawn and taunt stray ones. On Necrotic you can leave your DDs (preferably melee and plate users) to handle them. They don’t too much damage with melee hits anyway. Undergeared players might get one shot and unexperienced healers will have troubles with topping the group back up. Help out by using your CDs to keep your damage taken to a minimum.
    • YOU FACE NARAXAS! – Getting eaten by a giant worm is bad. Avoid it. If there are green puddles – puddle walk over them. This reduces the pulling intensity. Otherwise, leap as far as you can, run away and if you get pulled back a lot intercept a ranged player to gain distance. Be sure to be close to the boss when the cast of tongue is over, because otherwise a melee will get hit. Pop a CD if you get eaten. It does physical damage so SR is no good. Otherwise save your CDs for the enrage at 20%.
    • Ymirondark soul hits like a truck. Fortunately, you can SR every other cast. Be sure to have a CD ready to go for the ones in between. Your remaining 3 big CDs should be enough. Be wary of the adds. Round them up, drop a stun and kill them fast.
    • Helya – Even as a tank you can get one shot by her barrage during the tentacle phase. To determine which side of the boat she will cast it on look at her hands. Based on which hand is glowing/casting you need to move to the opposite side of the boat. E.g. If her right hand is glowing, barrage will hit the right side – you have to stand on the left side.
    • Hymdall – Don’t move him as he casts cleave. You might clip a melee with it and they will get one shot. Additionally, rotate cooldowns for that ability, also utilizing your healer’s external. NR is enough to soak one full cleave so use it as often as possible.
    • Hyrja – Depending on group comp (melee heavy), you might opt to have more aoe phases than sanctify. Your healer will have to use his big CDs to keep everyone alive. Since you are already taking less damage and have a higher healthpool there is no need to try and mitigate this further. It will just cause overhealing. Instead be sure to bank up a full rage bar to dump into a maxed out IP and SR combo for her beam. To maximize the value of your CDs, use one of your big ones during the last part of aoe, so that it is still active for beam.
    • Spider boss – Her web deals a lot of damage. While it wont be cast on your as a tank, be prepared for potential wipes if people slack with this.
    • Last boss – He mele hits for 1m+, as much as his spell casts does. Have your SB up at 100% uptime and possibly rotate in your CDs in phase 1. Backpedal a lot to dodge exploding orbs. You need a 3 people interrupt rotation for spell casts. Be sure to interrupt the cast as late as possible. While he is casting he isn’t mele hitting you. A case can be made to let a cast go through for your SR whenever it is up. This is difficult to communicate in PuGs and without a voicecom.
    • Last boss – His wind blast ramps up throughout the lengthy encounter. After several copies it will get impossible to heal, acting as a soft enrage. You will need to kill him fast. While he isn’t particularly dangerous for tanks, after he reaches 50% HP make sure to start rotating your CDs to help the healer out during wind blast.

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