Volcanic – Mythic Plus Dungeon Guide for Prot Warrior

Volcanic is a second tier mythic+ affix appearing in dungeons on mythic keystone levels 7 and higher. It can be paired with sanguine and Fortified or raging and Tyrannical.

A very straightforward affix, but arguably the most deadly as well. It’s the basic move out of fire mechanic. However, it can get very intense very fast. Each mob spawns spawns a volcano underneath a players’ feet which explodes after 3s for 50% of your HP. A moment’s distraction and you are dead. Anything above three mob pulls puts party members into one shot territory and on higher levels, you as well.

Just handle it

The easiest solution is to git gud. Seriously… You need to divert 78.3% of your attention to tracking and dodging eruptions. Positioning the boss and the adds takes a lower priority here, since your whole group is buzzing around like bees. There is no safe spot on volcanic week. You have to adapt on a pull by pull basis.

To be able to do that you have to know your spec inside and out. Your cooldown keybinds, rage bar, shield block uptime, you have to be on top of everything. Moreover, you have to know the pull.

  • Which mobs need interrupting
  • How will they react to your movement, will they go around and backstab you 
  • Do they need to be stunned
  • Are you in a tight corridor
  • Are there other ground based hazards to dodge

Ultimately, all this comes with experience. You need to be comfortable enough to handle the dungeon with your eyes closed (or very tightly squinting). This is essentially what volcanic does. It limits your vision because you have to be constantly on the look out for volcanoes. Or else you die…

Tips and Tricks for the Volcanic Affix

If you cannot take the easy way out, because you are not yet “gud”, you might want to

Keep moving

That you can do regardless of experience and attention span. Most areas should allow you to at least backpedal in circles. More open courtyards will make it easy for you to move around. This will work better with ranged comps as you might imagine. One melee should be able to work around your slow movement, but if you are in a full melee group, you risk that someone will run over someone else’s volcano.

Smaller pulls

Again this depends on your comp, some classes can handle pulls of 2-3 mobs quickly, whereas some will have significant cleave/aoe damage only at 6+ mobs. If you have to do a big pull, make sure your DPS have their CDs ready to go and will melt the trash pack quickly, before people start dying.

Don’t panic

This is one I myself never take seriously, but at the end of the day, keep your cool. This holds for prot warriors in general. If you are not on top of your rotation and fall out of rhythm, you will start taking massive damage and risk going for a swim with the fish. When you run into an unexpected sticky situation, pop a CD, keep putting up your absorbs, control the pack and make the best of it. If you wipe, you wipe. Recover fast and push for those 3 chests.

Problematic packs

Anything above 3 enemies. Everything spawns volcanoes. Trash packs, bosses, summons, illusions. Even non-targetable enemies spawn them. Once you get to 4 spawners and above, there is a large chance that 2 or more volcanoes get stacked up on top of each other. This will one shot you.

Also, avoid getting stunned, rooted, put to sleep, etc. This is especially important on volcanic week.

    • Naga witch H8coil – At the time of writing, the textures of the volcano and the small sand dunes which you have to stand on during static nova don’t go well together. The volcano is almost entirely hidden underneath the sad dune and you can maybe barely see a small reddish animation. This is even worse when you have some adds spawned. Your best bet is to stand on the edge of the dune in hopes that you will see the volcano and still have enough room to move to the other side of the dune.
    • Serpent IX – An honorable mention at best. Not very problematic, but on long fights at high tyrannical M+ you will have a large area covered with toxic and his added heads will be alive for longer possibly causing you to take unnecessary damage.
    • Sea giant Derpbeard – Already a lot of ground abilities to dodge. Avoid running into his aftershock while trying to avoid volcanoes.
    • Wrath of warrior’s wet dream – Same as above
    • Trashpacks after first miniboss – There are 6 big mobs paired with many small demon fodder that are running around. Generally not problematic as the small adds die fast and there is enough room to kite, but worth to keep in mind.
    • Inquisitor – Tanking him up the stairs in the tight space is still preferable, but you need to be extra vigilant. While his adds are alive you will be dancing a lot.
    • Gazer – A lot of projectiles to dodge
    • Mini boss before last elevator – torment… This is just a master troll on volcanic.  While he doesn’t target the tank with this ability it can be annoying for everyone else, since the game’s coding almost always prioritizes spawning volcanoes under rooted players (and this is a fact, because you read it on the internet). The rooted player could generally survive a volcano if he’s used a defensive CD and is being spot healed. It is definitely not advised to stack on him since that will increase the chances of spawning a volcano on his location. Consider using an invis pot to skip this miniboss.
    • First boss – A lot of ground targeted abilities to dodge while slowed. Be vigilant when moving. Might be worth disabling the watch towers to prevent extra adds which will spawn volcanoes.
    • Imps – While you need to focus on bringing them down fast, don’t forget to move, there will be a lot of volcanoes spawning.
    • Enforcer –  It is still quite necessary to LoS her fel dotonations on fortified. Just watch your feet when you all stack up behind the corner.
    • Second boss – Things to dodge + adds.
    • Last boss – A long fight on tyrannical that will reduce your movement area extremely. As an added bonus, each of his illusions will spawn volacnoes. Float like a butterfly sting like a bee.
    • Mana wyrms – Do corner pulls as usual, but be wary of all the volcanoes that will spawn. Don’t stack too tightly with your group.
    • Spiders and Spider boss – Our favorite mechanic on volcanic – root!  Don’t pull too many spiders at once before the boss. During the boss fight, make sure you all nuke the add fast and keep your shockwave handy to free anyone that gets rooted.
    • Seers – The eyes that they spawn will actually spawn volcanoes themselves. Due to patrols these are usually tanked on the stairs. This goes soo well with volcano animations… Be on your toes.
    • Spiders staircase – Narrow space, many adds, that explode when killed. A recipe for disaster. Be extra careful.
    • Big packs up the stairs after spiders – Space is already somewhat limited. You have to dodge cone stuns and barrages and ground explosions. Out of the frying pan into the fire.
    • Demon corridor (Wyrmtongue + Bladelords) – Can’t talk about BRH without mentioning these packs. Narrow corridor with many adds. If that wasn’t enough, the fire breathing demons limit your area even further and small spinning demons can knock you into volcanoes.
    • The textures in the whole instance are your biggest threat. As with Sanguine, the dark and red theme is not very friendly for distinguishing volcanoes.
    • Flowers, dryads and keepers – A lot of ground abilities to dodge. Be vigilant and on the move.
    • Tree boss – Your DDs should be clearing the roots. If the adds get out of hand they will undoubtedly cause problems especially on high M+ raging, volcanic, tyrannical week. Refer to the tyrannical guide for more info.
    • Main dinning area – Narrow space, many adds. Don’t try to be cheeky. Clean up the patrols and do line of sight pulls. There is no need to limit your space further by tanking packs between the tables and wall.
    • Helya – A lot of ground targeted abilities and holes to dodge. Be vigilant when moving.
    • Last boss – It’s pretty obvious, but once you stack behind the crystal for his magma, there will be a volcano that could hit the whole group, move away accordingly.



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