Mythic Sisters of the Moon Guide for Prot Warriors

The Sisters of the moon heroic/mythic guide will be expanded with more first hand experience in the coming weeks.

Tanking Sisters of the Moon

The main mechanic in this encounter is the lunar and umbra debuffs. The floor changes colors between dark grey and white. This alludes to the phases of the moon. So the floor color or the phase of the moon changes frequently throughout the encounter with the new phase creeping slowly to replace the previous one. Standing on each side will give you a stacking debuff – lunar or umbra. You can reset it by walking to the opposite colored area.

Whenever one color blankets the whole floor completely it will linger for a while as the currently active boss casts his special ability. You should reset you stacks shortly before the room gets fully covered because otherwise you risk ramping up high stacks until the new color appears.


 Phase 1

To do list

  • Taunt swap on glaive 
  • Share glaive damage
  • Remove debuff whenever possible
  • Avoid various projectiles and ground hazards
  • Share damage when off-tanking

Tank and spank with 100% Shield Block + Ignore Pain – business as usual.

You remove debuff simultaneously with lunar or umbra. You simply walk over to the opposite colored floor to where you were standing previously. If you get the debuff when there is only one color you simply have to wait it out.

damage is a beam that will hit the target with the green arrow on his head. You can stand in it’s path to alleviate the damage.

The boss on a full phase will also cast absorb which needs to be burst down quickly.


Phase 2

To do list

One tank will pick up and tank the boss. There is no taunt swap in this phase. The other tank needs to pick up the owl that spawns, however it will die quickly and deals little damage. The owl tank can focus on DPS and this will be needed. The owl needs to die ASAP because it will be pulsing with raid wide AoE – aoe. Your healers need to use their big throughput CDs.

absorb ability is still present in this phase.

glaivestorm will require you to move the boss a bit to prevent the glaives from hitting anyone.

*Do not actually rotate the owl in this encounter.


 Phase 3

To do list

  • Taunt swap on p3debuff
  • Avoid various projectiles and ground hazards
  • Share damage when off-tanking

Nothing special in this phase glaivestorm is still present and damage is back from P1.


Feeling lost? Start with the basics.

This guide is intended for tanks, specifically protection warriors who are familiar with the encounter either through doing the Heroic version or going through a general overview and strategy guide like these:

Icy veins guide || Wowhead guide || FatbossTV

For a quick at a glance reference cheat sheet for each of the bosses check:

Recommended talents and gear builds for Tomb of Sargeras bosses

Chew with your mouth closed.

Tanking Sisters of the moon

Use leap and Intercept to quickly reset your debuffs.


Talents and Legendaries

The incoming damage is split between blockable melee hits and moderate magical DoTs. You can go with your haste gear and Vengeance + Heavy Repercussions for 100% Shield Block uptime. Alternatively, you can go for Anger Management + Booming Voice and only taunt to take the taunt swap debuffs so you can focus on DPSing.


The fight is pretty basic in terms of tanking and you can go with your standard legendaries:

For a DPS boost – Kakushan’s Stormscale Gauntlets, Archimonde’s Hatred RebornSoul of the BattlelordThundergod’s Vigor (+ Booming Voice

For a defensive boost Mannoroth’s Bloodletting Manacles is great overall and with the DoT in P3.

If you are off-tanking a lot in this fight and feel like you want to try hard you can play around with Destiny Driver + SG

Cooldown management

There is no particular spike damage ability that warrants a big cooldown. They would be best used for period of overlap when people are clearing their stacks and you have debuff or p3debuff

You can expect an encounter length to be anywhere from 0:00 – 10:00 minutes on your first kill with people dying near the end.

The given timepoints are of the moment when you start taking the damage. Make sure to precast your defensives 1s before the damage hits i.e. during the ability cast time.

**Your timers may vary**

0:00Pull Huntress KasparianTaunt boss
2:00Captain Yathae Moonstrike
Captain Yathae Moonstrike
4:00Priestess Lunaspyre
Priestess Lunaspyre

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