Mythic Skorpyron Guide for Prot Warriors

Protection warriors are well suited to handle both duties that a tank can have on the Skorpyron encounter. We can consistently take the boss’ hits for as long as we have to or we can round up the adds wave after wave. Which duty we will take on depends on your raid comp and personal preference.

Tanking Skorpyron

Skill use

  • Maintain your high SB uptime – business as usual.
  • Build up your rage and dump it into IP right before arcnoslash

You will be taking almost equal amounts of magical and physical damage from arcanoslash and melee hits respectively. If this were more highly tuned, then we could have resorted to some min maxing strategies with gear and talent setups. However, this being the first boss you can pretty much go in with your standard build and you will pass with flying colors.

Ο vs Δ

  • Choose either left of right.
  • After each arcanoslash move 12 yards (or until debuff disappears) in that direction.
  • Follow the circular pattern on the floor.

Unlike Heroic where you could just ping pong between 2 spots to drop your debuff, on Mythic the area where you were previously arcanoslashed is a no-go for 15s. This means you need to rotate between at least 3 spots when moving to break the tether. However, following a triangle pattern will get you into some tricky situations which are easily avoidable if you just kite clockwise along a circle.

Tanking Adds

Skill use

  • You will be utilizing TCrevenge and Leap to get aggro on the adds from call
  • Use an AoE damage trinket like RSP or master, if you have any.
  • Pick up ravager for an extra damage source and revenge synergy.

If everything goes according to plan, the majority of your damage taken will be physical from melee hits with minor magical bursts from energy surge. Take advantage of ToT and MD if you have any rogues or hunters. As long as your co-tank doesn’t try to out dps you on adds, you should have no real issues with add aggro.


Keep the adds close to the back of the boss for maximum cleave damage.

Feeling lost? Start with the basics.

This guide is intended for tanks, specifically protection warriors who are familiar with the encounter either through doing the Heroic version or going through a general overview and strategy guide like these:

Icy veins guide || Wowhead guide || FatbossTV

For a quick at a glance reference cheat sheet for each of the bosses check:

Recommended talents and gear builds for Nighthold bosses

Tanking Skorpyron

Skill use

  • Utilize your shockwave to stun adds that have aggroed you or are being tanked close to the boss.
  • Might as well pop your NF after you have moved and before the next arcanoslash comes.


When the tank and the boss are moving, the best for everybody is when the movement is kept to a minimum and is predictable. Moving along a circle means the boss wont be crossing trough the middle of the room potentially putting people in danger of cleave. If at some point a player is out of position sitting on the circumference you can easily move a little more so that he doesn’t get caught in the cleave. Also move the boss if adds spawn behind you so that your co-tank doesn’t get arcanoslash while picking them up.


If you feel comfortable with the boss’ movement and the timers you can try and position him near a crystal before he does a shockwave so that melee are in range and do not have downtime. Otherwise:

  • Keep your Leap ready to jump behind a crystal if you are late noticing the shockwave.
  • charge back to boss ASAP to continue moving along your route.

Tanking Adds

Skill use

  • Coordinate stuns. Drop your shockwave first and ask for a stun afterwards. By the time the 2nd stun is over the small adds should be dead.
  • Save big CDs if adds spawn in front of boss and you need to pick them up through arcanoslash
  • Cycle between, ravager > BC and NF > on-use trinket to keep aggro on adds. Use only one per call wave.
  • If extra adds are spawned, don’t panic. Use a defensive cooldown and take aggro with your available skills.

Cooldown management

  • Use your demo shout, SR and shield wall as soon as they are ready to mitigate arcanoslash.
  • If you are struggling, call for healer externals like bark during times when you don’t have anything up.
  • LS should be saved for “oh shit” moments.

There will be approximately 30 casts of arcanoslash with each hit dealing an average of 800k dmg (3 hits per cast). They come in roughly every 10s, when not delayed by another ability. Obviously you will not have a cooldown up for every single hit and there is no use listing all of their timings.

Add tank defensives will be used situationally as well, but his DPS cooldowns are more predictable.

A slower than average kill on progression with people dying at the end will take about 6 minutes.

Offensive cooldowns

 Ability  Add tank
 0:00 Pull blue
 0:20 call  leapravager
 0:30 red
 0:41 call  BCNF
 1:00 shockwave
 1:08 call  leap, on-use trinket
 1:30 green
 1:31 call  ravager
 1:47 vulnerable  BCNF
 2:03 blue
 2:04 shockwave
 2:17 call  leap, on-use trinket
 2:37 call  ravager
 3:02 shockwave
 3:03 red
 3:10 call  BCNF
 3:33 call  leap, on-use trinket
 4:01 shockwave
 4:03 green
 4:10 call  leapravager
 4:17 vulnerable  BCNF
 4:30 blue
 4:40 call  leap, on-use trinket
 4:59 shockwave
 5:10 call  leapravager
 5:31 call  BCNF
 5:32 red
 5:57 shockwave
 6:05 call  leap, on-use trinket


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