Mythic Star Augur Etaerus Guide for Prot Warriors

The way you take damage from Star Augur Estaerus changes throughout the encounter and requires some getting used to. Hopefully you’ve had enough practice on heroic and are ready to put your big boy pants on. This is the other fight in the Nighthold where 90% of the damage is magical, however you will still get a chance to use your SB.

Star Augur Estaerus

Before the phase by phase breakdown we need to talk about that mechanic present throughout the whole encounter, notorious for causing tons of wipes even for top end guilds – conj. This is one of the few mechanics that can target anyone from your 20-man raid team and require them to coordinate. It is very similar to the runes on Odyn though a bit more unforgiving.

On a timer, Augur will mark people with a sign/colour. Each colour will be applied to 4 people. On the first cast he applies 2 colours and for each subsequent conj cast a new one is added. There are a maximum of 3 casts per phase – 4 colours, 16 targets on the 3rd and this resets back to 2 colours, 8 targets for the first conj of a new phase.

To deal with this, 2 players with the same sign/colour need to run into each other before the debuff Wolf timer runs out. However if players with different colours Wolf + Crab touch they will wipe the raid. If your debuff runs out before you have found a match, you wipe the raid. Additionally, there is no “grace” period. If you are stacked with somebody when conj is applied and you get different colours, you instantly explode and wipe. The whole raid needs to be pre spread in preparation for the cast.

For a tanking prot warrior it is fairly easy to deal with this mechanic if you get targeted. You can use Intercept and leap to quickly close the distance between your partner. The key is to take your time to analyze the route, don’t be hasty. Someone with the wrong mark could easily cross your path while you are moving. Make sure others near you have cleared their marks, make sure there are no meteors landing on your head and quickly move in to clear your mark. Alternatively, you can just stay put and call out for someone to come to you.


Because of the near absence of any blockable attacks your Heavy Repercussions is nigh useless on this boss. You will be taking AM here. Additionally, the lack of things to parry devalues your Vengeance so you will be better off taking BV. Lastly, devastator is still an option, however frequently being out of melee range of the boss combined with his high damaging attacks makes Indomitable a very competitive option here.


Phase 0

To do list

  • Get healed

This “phase” is essentially just a clever way to make your raid team’s on pull burst damage irrelevant. The boss doesn’t have any notable mechanics besides one conj cast. You essentially just stand there and nuke him. At 90% when he transitions into the frost phase is where the fight actually begins.

One point worth mentioning here is that the pull tank will start getting massive magic damage as soon you engage the boss. Healers need to be ready to drop big heals on him. If you are pulling, just cast SR and demo shout on pull to ease your healers into the fight.



Frost Phase

To do list

  • Drop your frost stacks on the raid
  • Don’t clip your raid with bolt AoE
  • Stack for Nova

Augur’s main damaging ability here is bolt. Make sure that you do not run into anybody while the projectile is landing on you. It will hit for a majority of any non-tank’s health.

Meteorimpact is physical damage which you can block with a SB. It’s nothing major and not your main priority, but is a nice opportunity for some extra mitigation if you can spare the rage. To remove the ticking dot DoT left by the meteor you need to walk into a group of 3 people. Those 3 then get a debuff of their own debufffrost which will freeze them if you drop your next stack on them again. For this reason the common strategy is to have 2 groups to either side of the boss with you alternating between them to drop your debuff.

Nova – stack on one of the groups to reduce damage. On mythic you can’t afford to solo soak.


Fel Phase

To do list

  • Clean the room of fel patches with your meteor
  • “Drop” your felstack stacks at 7-9
  • Run to edge for nova

Augur’s main damaging ability here is felstack. This is a ticking dot that gets worse as it stacks up. You can deal with 7-9 stacks before someone else needs to taunt the boss.

Meteor – Your most important task here is to clear the patches of fel from the ground that are being left by players with the felpatch debuff and the falling felrock. You will have 5 meteors meteors falling on your head per pull application. Their damage can again be blocked, but is just trivial compared to the constant ticking damage you will be receiving. Like on heroic, the meteors will clear the fel patches from the ground. You need to walk around the room and clear as much as you can. On mythic you also have to keep an eye out for the felrock. There is no point to clear an area where a rock is going to fall in 5s and spawn patches again. Try to also clean up the edges of the platform as people need to stack there for nova.

Nova – The further away you are from the boss, the less damage you take. Keep you leap ready to quickly move to the edge.


Void Phase

To do list

  • Tank add on the edge
  • Don’t witness the void
  • “Drop” your void stacks at 10-15
  • Dodge the huge eye beam

Augur’s main damaging ability here is void. The whole raid will be getting these, but he is applying extra stacks on tanks. Have someone taunt off at 10-15 stacks.

The meteor in this phase spawns an add which needs to spawn and be tanked away from the boss. Both get a 99% damage reduction if they are close to each other. Move to the edge of the platform to spawn the add. He will actually melee hit you so chain up your SB. The add casts witness which deals increasing raid wide damage with each subsequent cast. You also need to turn your back to the add to avoid getting feared by this ability.

Additionally, small voidling adds will spawn throughout this phase. They deal low damage and have low health, but you can taunt them or otherwise aggro them. It is a good idea to do so, to alleviate the already intense raid wide damage.

Lastly, an eye will spawn outside and cast a one-shot beam beam through the platform. You need to move/leap to a safe spot which will either be at the door or at the sides of the platform.

Feeling lost? Start with the basics.

This guide is intended for tanks, specifically protection warriors who are familiar with the encounter either through doing the Heroic version or going through a general overview and strategy guide like these:

Icy veins guide || Wowhead guide || FatbossTV

For a quick at a glance reference cheat sheet for each of the bosses check:

Recommended talents and gear builds for Nighthold bosses

A common strategy for Augur in order to meet the DPS breakpoints for transitions is to use 1 tank. As of patch 7.2, the boss nerfs and the new traits solo tanking is even easier and strongly recommended.

Phase 0

This is the short chill phase before the frost phase. Keep your IP rolling and get healed.


Frost Phase

This can get a bit awkward as bolt and frost don’t mix well together. You have about a 4s window between 2 subsequent bolt casts where you need to quickly move into a group of stacked players to drop your debuff and move out before the projectile lands to avoid clipping anyone with the AoE damage.

Since you are solo tanking, you will have impact meteors falling on you throughout the whole duration of the phase. There is a flip side to this though. Normally, you would get 3 stacks of the meteor debuff with a meteor falling whenever the timer for a stack runs out. When solo tanking Augur on mythic, he will reapply the meteor debuff before the last (3rd) stack of the previous application has run out. This means that you essentially get only 2 impact per meteor application and this allows time for the debufffrost debuff on your stack drop groups to run out so you can safely alternate between just 2 groups.

Ejections will target players randomly. At later points in the phase where many occur at the same time you might have a situation where all the players from 1 group have scattered to drop their ejection and you in turn cannot drop your stack. Just expect that this might happen and have a CD planned (also externals) in case you have to tank the DoT damage for a prolonged period.

Fel Phase

Here you get the stacking felstack from the boss. When you reach 7-9 stacks you need to call out for a DD to taunt the boss off you and take 3-4 stacks himself while your debuff drops.

When clearing the fel patches with your meteors you can actually run over some of the patches in order to clear a larger area. You should enter the fel area as your meteor drops in order to minimize the fel stacks that you get from the patches. You should not have more than 2-3 at a time. They will fade before the next meteor drops so you will be able to stand on fel patches again, just make sure to not overlap and extend that debuff. Try not to run into any players and one shot them with meteors.

Void Phase

You will need a DD to taunt the boss when you get to 13-16 void stacks. Your stacks should drop after about 5-6s and you should taunt ASAP after that.

For the add, you should not allow a third cast of witness to go off. If you used heroism in this phase then the 2nd add should be ignored as your DDs nuke the boss. You will just be sat on the side tanking it. With this strat it is possible to get a 3rd witness cast which can one-shot people – prepare accordingly. If you used heroism during fel phase then you should be killing off the 2nd add as well.

And that is it. Overall you have low impact in this phase. You just tank the big add, taunt and throw as many voidlings as you can and watch out for the one-shot eye beam beam.

Cooldown management

There isn’t any big burst damage which requires your CD usage. You will to pop your defensives to counteract periods of high stacks or many coinciding damage sources.

The large majority of the incoming damage is unblockable magical damage. You need your versatility gear and AM + BV. Indomitable is also a popular choice for progression and more so for solo tanking.

SR and demo shout you should be spamming pretty much on cooldown due to their low cd and the nature of the fight. There will always be something to mitigate. Press your BC as often as possible as well.

There isn’t any definitively good spot to use shield wall and LS, but you shouldn’t sit on them waiting for “oh shit” moments. You should be exploiting AM to the fullest. Below are suggestions for when to use your CDs, basically points of otherwise high raid damage. You can adjust accordingly to the flow of the fight with your specific raid comp.

You can expect an encounter length to be anywhere from 7:00 – 7:30 minutes on your first kill with people dying near the end.


**Assuming hero during Void Phase – Your timers may vary**

TimerEventProt Warrior
0:211st conj
Star Augur Estaerus
0:32Frost phase
0:53Start of impact
0:541st conj
1:16NovaStack + shield wall
1:382nd conj
2:00Ejections – high raid dmgLS
Star Augur Estaerus
2:30Fel phase
2:51Start of meteors
2:537 stacks felstacktaunt swap
3:16novashield wall
3:187 stacks felstacktaunt swap
3:251st conj
3:557 stacks felstackLS taunt swap
4:092nd conj
Star Augur Estaerus
4:50void phase
5:2813 stacks void taunt swap
5:291st conjLS
6:0713 stacks void taunt swap
6:322nd conj
6:3510 stacks void taunt swap
6:47witnessshield wall

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