Mythic Tichondrius Guide for Prot Warriors

The Tichondrius encounter is another add heavy encounter where tanks can separate their roles into a boss tank and an add tank. As usual prot warriors can handle both situations excellently and even more so considering the incoming damage is predominantly blockable white hits.

Tanking Tichondrius

To do list

  • Swap when blood adds spawn – bloods
  • Soak the swarms
  • Hide behind pillars during void

Tank and spank the boss with SB and IP.

On mythic the swarms needs to be soaked 4 times per phase. Soaking means that players with the plague debuff will stand in a line behind the boss. Projectile swarms will be thrown at them on a timer and the soaker needs to be the person closest to the boss in order to intercept said projectiles. If you have enough melee DPS such as rogues, demon hunters and paladins to handle this, you need’t worry about soaking yourself. However, chances are you will have to be included in the soaking rotation.

This means that for 40s after soaking you will be taking extra ticking magic damage in addition to Tichondrius’ slaps. Besides using a big CD to mitigate the initial burst damage from the projectiles, nothing much will change in your gameplay.

void will do a lot of damage. You should have groups of 5 players assigned to each pillar. Go hide behind yours.


Tanking Adds

To do list

  • Move 30 yards away from the boss
  • Pick up additional adds that spawn
  • Hide behind pillars during void

As a true dreadlord Tichondrius has a 30 yard vampiric aura which on Mythic pretty much prevents any adds within it’s range from dying. If you want to do anything besides pad dps meters you have to move the adds away from the boss. SB and IP normally.

After the first intermission additional adds will spawn at the back of the room. Make sure your DDs know to not attack them until you have aggro on them. Needless to say MD is great here. You can also spec into WC if you are having issues with aggro.

void will do a lot of damage. You should have groups of 5 players assigned to each pillar. Go hide behind yours. You will often have adds alive while void is going on.


To do list

  • Dodge beam going through the room
  • Aggro and kill bats flying around
  • Run over an orb dropped by a dead bat to get buff before phase ends

Not much more to say besides these bullet points. Prot warriors aren’t great at getting AoE aggro on this intermission. Not as good as a monk statue or DK grip in any case… Get aggro on whatever you can and tank the bats near the middle of the room. If you do not have buff when the phase ends you will die.


Feeling lost? Start with the basics.

This guide is intended for tanks, specifically protection warriors who are familiar with the encounter either through doing the Heroic version or going through a general overview and strategy guide like these:

Icy veins guide || Wowhead guide || FatbossTV

For a quick at a glance reference cheat sheet for each of the bosses check:

Recommended talents and gear builds for Nighthold bosses

There are several strategies for tank swaps on this boss. Here we will cover just the two extremes – tank swapping normally vs delegating a boss and add tank.

Tank Swap

Whenever bloods is cast on you, your co-tank taunts the boss and you run to the back of the room (30 yards away) . The blood adds get nuked and die and you move in position to take the boss back. bloods is cast on your co-tank, you taunt the boss and he runs off to the back of the room.

The 2nd and 4th bloods come in seconds before void. The tank which will get these (the non-pull tank)  will need to be assigned to a pillar in the back of the room. Bloods fixate on the target with bloods so use leap as soon as the adds spawn – don’t worry about hitting them to get aggro. They will chase after you.

If a tank needs to soak two swarms he should get the first and the third – this will be the non-pull tank. This results in that tank having to deal with adds and the ticking dot at the same time.

Boss Tank and Add Tank

With this strategy, whenever bloods is cast the add tank taunts the boss in order to receive the fixate for the blood adds. As soon as that happens the boss tank taunts Tichondrius back. As usual prot warriors are well suited for both roles. The 4p set bonus will generate tons of rage when tanking adds and we have sufficient cooldowns to handle the boss and his swarms.

Add tank

The way this is usually done is that before the first intermission the add tank waits for 2 applications of bloods before moving out of range of the vampiric aura. He will be tanking 3 blood adds for a prolonged period and 6 blood adds for a short while until the DDs can nuke them. This is done to increase the damage window on the boss and shorten the frequency of AoE distractions target switching. After the first intermission extra adds will spawn at the back of the room simultaneously with the 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th bloods. Because of high incoming damage you should move out of the vampiric aura with 3 bloods and round up the extra adds so DD can kill them. Every other blood adds spawn – 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th will coincide with a void and you should be killing these adds behind the pillar.

One of the Nightbourne guards will be applying arcane debuff which leaves a damaging cloud zone upon expiring. Make sure to not drop this in an inconvenient spot like on top of the boss or near a pillar.

The extra watcher add in the last phase is top priority.

Boss tank

You will be staying on Tichondrius full time, but should be ready to swap roles with the add tank if your DDs were slow to kill the previous adds resulting in co-tank missing the taunt resulting in you getting bloods and adds.

If a tank needs to soak two swarms it will be the boss tank. Again he should get the first and the third in every phase. This results in that tank having to deal with the boss and the ticking dot at the same time.

Cooldown management

The given timepoints are of the moments when you start taking the damage. Make sure to precast your defensives 1s before the damage hits i.e. during the ability cast time.

The large majority of the incoming damage is blockable physical damage. You need your haste gear and Vengeance + heavy repercussions for 100% SB uptime.

The enrage timer on the boss is 7:42 minutes – it is possible you might be hitting it on your first kill with people dying throughout the fight.

If you do not soak swarms, feel free to use your CDs wherever you see fit.

We used the Boss tank + Add tank tactic for our kill. If you are tank swapping on every bloods, you will not have situations to warrant big CD usage. If you are soaking swarms, copy the CD rotation from the “boss tank” below.

**Your timers may vary**

TimerEventBoss TankAdd Tank
0:00PullTaunt boss
0:20bloodsTaunt swap
0:27swarmsSR demo shoutTaunt soul
0:45bloodsTaunt swap>leap>demo shout>External
0:57voidBehind pillarBehind pillar
1:20bloodsTaunt soulTaunt swap
1:27swarmsSR shield wall
1:45bloodsTaunt swap>leap>shield wall
2:02voidBehind pillarBehind pillar
2:12IntermissionKill batsKill bats
3:00bloodsTaunt swap>leap
3:07swarms + addsSR demo shoutdemo shout
3:25bloodsTaunt swap>leap
3:37voidBehind pillarBehind pillar
4:03add + bloodsTaunt swap>leap>LS>External
4:10swarmsSR LS
4:28bloodsTaunt swap>leap
4:45voidBehind pillarBehind pillar
4:55IntermissionKill batsKill bats
5:43bloodsTaunt swap>leap
5:50add + swarmsSR demo shoutdemo shout
6:08bloodsTaunt swap>leap
6:26void + addsBehind pillarTaunt adds>Behind pillar>shield wall
6:45bloodsTaunt swap>leap
6:52swarmsSR shield wall
7:07bloodsTaunt swap>leap
7:14add + swarmsLS demo shout

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