∴ Tomb of Sargeras ∴

The Broken Shore campaign culminates with the forces of Azeroth marching into the ground zero for the Legion’s latest invasion on our realm – the tomb of Sargeras. We face off against 9 bosses fighting our way trough lesser guards, naga and a husk of Sargeras himself. All to reach and attempt to vanquish the last remaining grand general of the armies of the Legion – Kil’Jaedan. Will this raid be successful?


Δ The Nighthold Δ


The culmination of the Suramar campaign is our raid on the imperial palace within the ancient nightborne city – the Nighthold. As customary, we enter through the sewers and make our way up the cellar and storage areas. We emerge at the courtyard where we dispose of any lower and higher ranking demon and nightborne. With no one left to stand in our way we climb up to the chambers where the moonwell’s energies are funneled and face off against Grand Magistrix Elisande. With her defeated our way to the spire is clear. Gul’dan has not yet completed his ritual and must now face the defenders of Azeroth that have come to oppose him.


Trial of Valor


We face off against Odyn who wants to test our worth before sending us off to raid Helheim. First we must defeat the three-headed guard dog of this realm – Guarm. Once that task is complete, our path is free to attempt and vanquish the Goddess to the Kvaldir and governor of Helheim – Helya. Should we succeed in this endeavor, Odyn would be free to roam Azeroth unrestrained. What would he do with this opportunity…




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